Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Monthly Decluttering Project: Kitchen

Alright, it's about time I launch into this whole 'house to home' thing I've been talking about.  My word of the year is Healthy, yes, but there are so many components of health.  And one of those components is happiness.  And reducing stress.  For me, those are directly related to my living situation.  I love our house, I do, but I haven't really been thinking of it as a home, you know what I mean?  We moved in 2 years ago this coming May, and I still feel like it's not as homey as it could be yet.  It's a balance, of course, because I don't like clutter or knick knacks all over, but I don't think you need all that crap to make a space feel personal and comforting.  So that's my plan for this year - to concentrate on a different space each month to really get it to where I feel like it's 'home' for us.  Every month on the blog I'll have one post about decluttering a space, and one post about organizing and turning a space into a home.  Sometimes (like this month) they'll be the same space, but sometimes not.  It'll be an adventure.

My first decluttering project for 2018 is the kitchen.  It seemed fitting, with my clean eating and other health related goals, for this to be the month where I really get my kitchen up to snuff and working the way I need it to for me to cook at home more.

So first of all, I made a list for you of places and things to declutter in the kitchen in case this is an area you need to work on as well.

Now then, on to my own kitchen!  Here are the before pictures:

You can probably see that some spaces need some work, and some are totally fine.  I don't have a ton to declutter but I can see some things.  That's the benefit of pictures!  You can become clutter blind when you deal with the space every day, but somehow seeing it through a lens makes it a lot clearer.  But a lot of my problem is organization, and the way some things are set up just isn't working for us.  And like, why is there bug spray above the stove...

I've got my work cut out for me.  Later in the month I'll include the 'after' pictures in my post on kitchen organization tips.  That's my 'house to home' project for the month, getting the entire kitchen in order.

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