Reviewing Old Beauty Favorites

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I change favorite beauty products more often than I originally thought when I started this post.  I sort of assumed that I find what I love and stick with it, but that hasn't been the case, particularly when it comes to my focus here - makeup and skincare.  New products are constantly being released and I always want to try them.  But not only that, my tastes have change dramatically in just a few years.  I decided how important it is for me to use only cruelty free items, and then I also wanted to make sure things are using clean and green ingredients (something that's still in progress for me.)

I don't go back and delete or change old posts.  I have old makeup routines and favorites on here from years ago, and I don't want you to think I'm just ignoring that those exist.  They just aren't accurate anymore!  Since I'm still working on figuring out all my current favorites, I thought I would instead recall the products from those specific posts and tell you why I moved away from them.

So the first post I did on my makeup routine was actually over 4 years ago, isn't that crazy?  You can find it here.  Obviously I don't have any of those same products, since nothing lasts that long, but I do have another one of those Urban Decay eye primers that I'm working through.  Other than that, none of those items are things I still use.  Tons of those brands aren't cruelty free: Benefit, NARS, Rimmel, Revlon, CoverGirl, L'Oreal, Make Up For Ever, and MAC.  As far as the type of products used, the routine is similar, but that is about it.

That post was followed up by my skincare post, which is here, and is completely different since my skin totally changed.  My skin is super sensitive now and very dry, total opposite from what it used to be.  Now, I remove makeup, wash with honey, and moisturize, just once a day.  (Moisturizer twice.)  Plus most of the stuff in that post is not cruelty free.  Or with very clean ingredients.  That's probably the area that's made the biggest transformation.

The next update was in 2015, which you can see here.  It's amazing how much I've minimized since then.  I really only keep around one of each essential product, no backups or second options.  You can see in that post/video that I had at least two of every type of product (plus 4 eyeliners and like 40 lipsticks), which is probably why it would take so long to go through something.  Things go bad faster than you'd think, so I really prefer to just work on one thing at a time now.  I will say though that a lot of those products are still favorites, I think they're fantastic.  I'm just not on board with all of the ingredients, but even in terms of ingredients those products aren't bad.

And finally, the most recent post I did on my makeup was in late 2016.  I switch out most products yearly, so it's not surprising that I don't have any of those anymore, but it is surprising that none are still favorites!  It doesn't seem that long ago?  The only thing that would still be a favorite is the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, but the Essence Lash Princess False Effect mascara is exactly the same and a tiny fraction of the price.  The only things in that makeup line up that weren't cruelty free were the Benefit Dallas blush/bronzer and the Clinique foundation, which I noted in that post.  They're gone now.  NARS is no longer cruelty free, so I've gotten rid of everything by them as well.  As far as everything else?  Once I used them up, I didn't replace them.  The ingredients weren't as clean as I like, though those particular products weren't bad.  I have just moved on to organic, natural beauty lines.  And more cream based products, actually, since my skin isn't reacting well to any powders.

As far as the skincare in that post, it's only a bit different.  I still remove makeup with oil, I just use almond oil since the liquid is easier to work with.  I wash only with raw honey now.  I still have Lush moisturizers I'm using up but I've found other, more natural (and cheaper!) options.  My skin is infinitely improved because of it.

I think that's everything!  What products did you used to swear by that have since left your lineup?  Why?

By the way, I have tons of makeup and skincare brand recommendations that are cruelty free, vegan, clean, organic, all that.  If a post on that information would be interesting to you, let me know.

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