Thursday, January 18, 2018

Three on Thursday - Weekly Favorites

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Welcome back to Three on Thursday, a weekly list of three things I'm loving at the moment that I think you should do, try, or buy.  If you're interested in past weeks and more recommendations, you can find those here.  If you make your own Three on Thursday list, please share it in the comments so I can check it out.


Bose Soundlink Bluetooth SpeakerThis was a Christmas gift from John's brother, Eric, and Eric's girlfriend, Beth.  I love it.  Funny how you don't realize how much you'd actually use something until you own it.  We're constantly borrowing Eric's nice speaker when we have parties because of the sound (volume and quality) so he knew it would be a good gift for me.  He ended up finding this one and it's really nice.  The sound gets loud if we need it to without sacrificing quality, and it's super easy to sync it with any device using Bluetooth.  We exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve and I brought it to my parents house Christmas day and we listened to Christmas music for at least 8 hours and this thing was still charged (it says one charge lasts 8 hours but it's clearly more.)  It's also water resistant, which will be cool to use by the pool or at a party with lots of beer, but I haven't tested that capability yet.


Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip.  Let me be clear, this is not going to taste like the cheesy spinach dip you know, don't even go into this thinking that.  It is, however, very similar and totally delicious.  I made it on Christmas and it was surprisingly easy, because a lot of vegan dishes can be difficult.  Just beans, cashews, spinach, artichoke, onion, and nutritional yeast.  And nutritional yeast is easy to find now, Trader Joe's sells bags of it, don't worry.  It came out creamy and flavorful, perfect on veggies and crackers.  With the way the recipe is, I think you taste more lemon than anything else (still yummy!), so I would decrease the lemon juice and increase the nutritional yeast, which is what makes it taste cheesy.  (Also note that the bean/cashew mix gets creamy when you add it to the pan with all the other warm ingredients.  It doesn't look super creamy while still in the blender, but it will be.)  Even if you aren't vegan, this is way healthier than the original stuff.


Shea Moisture Body Butter Body lotion is one of those things that I've tried making myself and I just don't like to do and I don't like the end result, so I just buy it.  Something cruelty free with clean ingredients still, of course.  Shea Moisture has been the winner in this category.  I have the coconut and hibiscus one, which smells amazing, but I have tried others and they all work just as well, even in the harsh Chicago winter.  I feel like the moisture lasts a really long time, but I don't get the greasy hands feeling that I do from other body butters.  A win in my book!  I get them at Target, they're inexpensive.

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