An Exhausted Life Update

"We have nothing planned this weekend, right?"  Pretty sure those are my famous last words, every single weekend.  I keep jinxing myself, getting excited to have a free weekend to do nothing but catch up on things like blogging and laundry and then... life.  Am I right?  I. am. exhausted.  Let me fill you in.

First up, we had my mom's hip replacement surgery at the end of January.  It went really well, she's doing great at the recovery, but it kept me busy.  Before the surgery, she wasn't able to move around much so I spent every weekend at my parents' house helping them with regular household things - shopping, laundry, vacuuming, all that stuff (you have to remember, my dad is 78!)  Thankfully John and I only live 3 miles away from them.  Once she had the surgery, I stayed overnight at their house to help her around for 3 nights, and after that I came back every other day for a week and then just on the weekends.  It's not that this stuff was very hard or anything, but it's just a lot on my schedule.  Happy to do it of course!  But you know how it is - if it takes you away from your regular routine and schedule, it's tiring.  And it makes you fall behind on your own stuff.

Naturally, it couldn't just be even a whole month about my mom.  That's always how it is, my dad and I have always had something and my mom is the healthy one and makes everything about us two.  I think that's typical mom behavior!  Nope, my dad had to go and have some health issues too.

My dad has had a pacemaker for many years now, I can't really remember when he got it put in.  It's been at least 15 years, since I was definitely in high school or younger.  He occasionally has issues with it, like needed battery replacement and things, but it had a random spell of weird readings back in November.  Then suddenly on Tuesday night, it shocked him.  It's also a defibrillator, so when his heartbeat gets too erratic and the regular pacemaker can't correct it, it delivers a shock to get it back to normal.  Which is pretty violent and loud and painful as you might imagine.  So I went over to their house after it happened to see if he needed to go to the hospital, because my mom still can't drive.  The doctor told him to just wait and see him in the office the next day.  The next tests came back normal for the most part but they wanted to make some adjustments to the machine's calibration in the office on Friday morning.  On the way home from that appointment, it shocked him again.  He called an ambulance from home and it shocked him again while on the way to the ER.

Thankfully John was able to pick up my mom and head to the ER Friday night while I took a cab over from work.  They ended up admitting him, of course, but couldn't really find what the problem was, so they scheduled a cardiac cath for Monday morning, which is just sort of an exploratory procedure to figure out the problem.  So my mom and I spent a lot of the weekend hanging out at the hospital.  We had just left on Sunday afternoon when the pacemaker shocked him again twice in one hour.  Le sigh.  For some reason though that didn't make him an emergency patient so we still had to wait until Monday morning.

So Monday (yesterday), his procedure finally happened (scheduled at 10 am, went in at 3 p.m., hospitals, right?) and while they were in there, they found (a) an extra artery that (b) was 90% blocked and they did an angioplasty to put a stent in.  They're hoping that will solve the problem, since blocked arteries do cause the ventricular tachycardia that my dad was experiencing that made the pacemaker shock him.  Fingers crossed.  So he's still in the hospital now, recovering, probably until Wednesday.

And that's the version without most of the doctor talk.  Long, long weekend.  Obviously, I'm very happy that all is well and everyone is mending.  But I'm seriously tired, and behind.  Overwhelmed and exhausted is not a feeling I love, so I cannot wait for everything to go back to normal.

Is it really only Tuesday?

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