Monday, February 26, 2018

House to Home: Organized Bathrooms

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Despite how overbooked my February was, I did still manage to meet my goal of getting our two bathrooms cleaned up and organized.  I think because it's such a small space that's also regularly used, you just really can't hoard a lot of stuff in there.  Which makes it a quick project to clear out, rather than say a guest closet that houses all the extra crap you never use.  So I got them both done on one Sunday afternoon.

My Bathroom

My bathroom is looking pretty good, because I was able to use up and declutter a lot of products.  Especially in my shower.  I think I had the tail end of a lot of different products in there, so it was easy to concentrate on using them up and getting them cleared out.

The top shelf is shampoo and conditioner, middle is almond oil that I remove makeup with and raw honey which I use as face wash.  And a loofah.  The bottom shelf is body wash which I almost never use, shaving cream, and my safety razor.

I think under the sink though is where I got rid of the most.  I'm left with the trash can, mouthwash, cotton pads, nail polish remover, argan oil, lotion, two hair products, contact stuff, extra razor blades, and then the clear pack on the bottom right, which has all my things I keep packed for travel (even just when I stay overnight watching my parents' dogs.)  My makeup, nail polis, and other skincare are usually in here or on the counter, but I had them upstairs when I took these pictures.

This drawer houses my hair clips and curling iron.  The open space is where my hair dryer and hair brush usually go, but again, they were upstairs because I had just used them.

The cloths are for removing makeup if I'm not in the shower, my MeLuna, and a backup deodorant (doesn't get used much.)

And then a whole bunch of toothbrushes!  John's brother Eric, Eric's girlfriend Beth, John, and mine. In the little containers in the back are makeup brush cleaner, nail clippers, hair ties, and bobby pins.

Looking better, right?

John's Bathroom

I don't know if it seems like John has a lot of stuff just because it's in comparison to mine and I have so little, or if he really does have a lot more stuff than the average male.  While the closet is the worst, his bathroom isn't far behind.  I made it look nice on the surface though!

But when you start to get into drawers and cabinets, there's a lot of stuff.

His automatic neti pot system.

Hair cutting kit.

Shaving items and cologne.

More shaving items, and I think the black box in the back is another hair cutting kit.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste, and the one on the right is mine.

 Deodorant and floss picks.

Shaving cream and razors.

 Extra toilet paper.

And under the sink, which I think is the only area that looks better because there were a couple things I was able to get rid of.

I think my bathroom looks great, but I wouldn't mind decluttering a few more things from John's.  But alas, you can't declutter things that don't belong to you.  Tears.  I don't really plan on adding decor to the bathrooms, besides the small, framed prints each one already has.  The one thing I would like to do down the road though is to frame out the mirrors, because I think it just makes a bathroom look more finished.  But if you have any ideas for making a bathroom look more homey, I'm all ears!

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