Snow Day

I have a snow day today!  It's been awhile since that happened.  Once you're out of school, the snow days stop.  I've never had many to begin with - when you go to private school, they don't care so much about how you get there, as opposed to if you take the public school bus with their bus crash lawsuits and all that.  So when I do get one, it's pretty exciting stuff.  Couple that with the fact that I love snow (and winter and cold), and you've got a very happy Stephanie today.

It's a preemptive snow day, which is even better, because now I can enjoy my Thursday night too.  According to the current weather report, as I write this post on Thursday at 3 p.m., Chicago is going to get hit with up to a foot of snow from 6 p.m. tonight into tomorrow afternoon, and then get more on Saturday.  So my boss has decided that 'I can just use my judgment' in the morning and make a decision.  I'm sure you can assume what my decision is.  I will actually get up on time because John is getting up and going to work no matter what, but if the snow is half the amount they say it will be, I'm taking my snow day.  Honestly, now that we live on the north side and not right downtown, it takes awhile for them to plow the streets by us.  So I'm relaxing and enjoying my day off, from work and blogging and probably even housework (not really, the laundry needs to be done.)

I mean, technically, I already took a 'snow day' from this blog on Wednesday so you would think I would be totally ready for today, but nah.  Just not feeling inspired so when I don't want to do something, like write a blog post... I don't do it.  Being an adult is fun.

So what to do with my newfound free time?  Besides playing in the snow with Hawkeye, who will hate me for it and only last 3 minutes anyway, and getting my treadmill time and 5,000 steps in (damnit, goals), I have absolutely nothing on my radar.  I'm sure I'll think up some things, because I'm not great at traditional forms of relaxing.  Lying on a couch and staring at a screen for 4 hours is only fun if I'm hungover and watching NASCAR.  Which, by the way, the season starts Sunday.

Ooo perhaps I'll get those bathrooms organized today!  Productive and relaxing at the same time.  What do you do with your snow days?

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