Wednesday, March 14, 2018

10 Things You're (Probably) Not Cleaning

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So we addressed the common types of clutter and spring cleaned the worst ingredients out of our skincare and makeup.  Next up: 10 things in your house you're probably not cleaning.  If you're going to do this whole spring clean thing, you might as well do it right and make sure you add these germ magnet areas to your cleaning to do list.

These are the things that I've noticed most people don't even think to clean, at least not very often.

Toilet Seat Screws

People don't think to clean this because it involves taking apart the toilet seat but seriously, just do it.  Where the toilet seat attaches to the toilet gets super nasty.  It's impossible to clean there without taking it apart, so it gets gross but never clean.  Add this to your yearly spring clean lineup.  It's not hard, just unscrew from underneath the toilet.

Front Load Washing Machine Seal

If you have a front loader, you probably know how important it is to leave it open to dry.  But it can still get dirty inside the seal.  Plus it collects stuff - if you're missing a sock, check in there.  I also regularly get change out of there that came from John's pockets.  If you usually run towels through with bleach you should be fine, but if not, give it a good scrub.

Refrigerator Seal

There's a small seal that runs around the fridge and freezer doors and it almost never gets clean.  Even if you regularly wipe down the outside and sanitize the shelves inside, the seals always get overlooked.  But they trap food pieces really easily.

Behind and Under Appliances

It's a big pain to have to pull these out, yes, but it needs to be done.  So much dust and crumbs and other nonsense gets trapped under there, since there's always a gap between appliances and cabinetry.  Plus it will keep your fridge running more efficiently when you get the dust off the coils, just vacuum them.  If there's a gap between appliances or cabinets and your ceiling, clean the tops of those too.

Handles and Light Switches

You touch these things all day every day, but they never get cleaned.  It takes just a minute to wipe them down while you're cleaning other surfaces.  And be diligent about it if someone in your house is sick.  Clean the TV remote while you're at it.

Inside the Window Frame

One of my most hated jobs, to be sure, but the stuff that collects in there has to get cleaned out.  Because it's usually dead bugs.  Ew.  To be honest, I wait until it's a nice day out and then open all the windows before the cleaning lady arrives, and then she cleans inside all of them and it's glorious.  I'm a big fan of hiring out.

Toothbrush Container

Some people have the cup style ones sitting on the counter, others (like myself) have their toothbrushes in a container inside the drawers.  Whatever your system is, those toothbrush holders need to get cleaned.  They always have water marks and toothpaste stains, and why would you want to clean your teeth with something that was sitting in germs?  Run those containers through the dishwasher.

Sink and Shower Drains

If you also have long hair that sheds a lot, you know the struggle.  Drains are gross.  Deal with any clogs and then use an old toothbrush to really scrub the hardware.  Toss some baking soda and vinegar down there to do all the hard work for you (the mixture will fizz up so you don't have to scrub.)

Sink Ledges

I don't mean the counter tops either (although, yes, clean those too.)  I mean the ledge inside the sink - there's often a tiny gap where the sink doesn't come up completely to the counter top edge above it.  You'll need tiny tools to clean this, like toothbrushes and cotton swabs, but you'll feel much better about your sparkling sink once it's done.

Door Frames

Dust settles on surfaces, which is why you dust things like TV stands and side tables.  Guess where that dust also settles?  The tops of your door frames.  No one ever cleans here.  I know, because I like to leave coins up there when I go to people's houses, just to see if they're still there when I come back.  They always are.  There's probably $5 worth of change on top of the frames in my parents' house.

How many of these areas have you cleaned lately?

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