Monday, March 26, 2018

House to Home: Organized Linen and Medicine Cabinets

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I posted at the beginning of March that one of my March goals was to organize the linen cabinet, and the cabinet in the kitchen where we keep medication and vitamins.  My house is very minimal and does stay fairly organized, but one of my 2018 plans was to work on turning our house into a home.  Which to me means going over every space with a fine toothed comb to really get the clutter out and make the space feel peaceful and more 'finished,' if you will.  The first few spaces I've worked on (kitchen, bathroom, and now linens) are more 'get it organized' projects as opposed to 'make it pretty and homey' projects because, well, that's where my skills lie!  The homey part is going to be more difficult for me.  Anyway, the linen cabinet, which is a tall closet type deal in John's bathroom, appears fine since the door is closed all the time.  But once you opened it, you saw the disaster that was the bottom shelf in the top portion, which was driving me bonkers.  So I was excited to get in there.  But I sort of won and lost in this space.

I won in the sense that I absolutely got everything out that shouldn't have been in there. The linen portion on the bottom is great, we're good at keeping that under control because we don't have a crazy towel or sheet collection.

I lost in the 'clutter' aspect, although it's not clutter if you're going to use it?  John got a little Amazon happy.  Fingers crossed he's set for months.  I think I made it look organized enough though.

(He doesn't care about natural products, cruelty free, less plastic waste, or anything like that, so don't think any product in here has a ringing endorsement from me, it does not.)

We keep the medications in the kitchen, not the bathroom, and we have two corner cabinets that work well for this.  We really do use everything in here!

Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out.  Since we don't have an entire closet or a lot of things though, I thought I'd also offer some general linen closet organizing tips and ideas in case you need more help in your space.

Organizing Inspiration

  • Use wire storage baskets with labels to group smaller items together and find things easily.
  • Install shelf dividers to keep stacked linens looking neat.  If you haven't installed shelving yet, put them in upside down to turn the brackets into built in dividers.
  • If you don't want to commit to installing anything permanent, try baskets that hang down from the shelf, which will still give you the confined space you need to keep like items together.
  • If you're in the market for new items, buy your towels, sheets, and blankets in the same or at least coordinating colors.  It will instantly improve how organized your space looks.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas for getting your own linen space organized.  What are you working on getting straightened up this month in your home?

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