Friday, March 16, 2018

My New 101 in 1001 List

The time has arrived to share my brand new 101 in 1001 list.  My third round of this is about to start on April 1 (it overlaps with my second list by a month, because I wanted the end date at the end of 2020 instead of in the beginning of 2021.)  Isn't that crazy?  Time flies.  And I just love making new lists of goals.

If you have no clue what I'm talking about, it's exactly what it sounds like - 101 goals I plan on accomplishing in the next 1001 days, about 2.75 years.  I do all of my updates and tracking using the Day Zero Project website, but I like to share my list here at the beginning because I know other people are always looking for 101 in 1001 ideas and categories as well.  Lord knows I was when I was trying to come up with 101 ideas for the third time.  So let's jump in.

By the way, this post is long.  Grab a coffee.  After each goal (which are in bold), I also have a bit of a description on my thought process.  I think the why behind each goal is just as important as the goal itself.  I thought about splitting the post in two, but I figure people who care would like it all in one place and people who don't would prefer just one post to have to skip.  If you want to just see the goals without all the text after, you can do so at the Day Zero site.

Time Frame: Apr 01, 2018 - Dec 27, 2020

  1. Take a vacation (HP Theme Park, Nashville, or Vegas).  I can't commit to doing all three, or even a vacation every year.  It's not in my nature or our schedules.  But I think I can make it to one or two of those places some time in the next 2.75 years.
  2. Watch an Iowa game at an Iowa bar in Wrigleyville.  It has been years since I've done this.  I either go tailgate in Iowa or watch with some of my college friends at a bar in the west loop that my friend's brother owns.  But there are two massive Iowa bars in Wrigley and it's a damn reunion when I go.  People I haven't seen since college, old sorority sisters, etc.  I think it would be fun to head there for a game, when Tara is in town.  (And then retreat back to the west loop because I'd rather watch with my 5 best guy friends from college any day.)

  3. See 10 different bands at 10 different street fests.  I'm a creature of habit, I like my same bands at the same fests.  But I know I also have fun seeing new ones, and trying new fests, so I'm aiming for 10 different bands at 10 different fests.  It can be old favorites, sure, but they only count once.
  4. Go to a country night with John and Megan.  I tried not to have many items on this list that are dependent on other people doing something with me, but this one will be fun (of all my friends, John is the closest with Megan) so I'm going to try my hardest to get us all to a country night at a bar at the same time.
  5. Have 10 dates at places we've never been to together.  We're pretty good about regular date nights so I didn't need to make a goal based on that.  However, we're also pretty good at always doing the same things we know we love.  We both hate change, but it's time to embrace some new experiences.
  6. Visit every bar you can walk to from our house.  I know there are a couple we haven't hit, and we live off a major street that we've never gone on the east side of.  Lots of new fun to be had!
  7. Redeem our Amtrak voucher.  We got a voucher when we had to cancel our Vegas trip back in November, when my dad and John's grandpa got sick.  So it expires this November, and it's for a solid amount, like $250 or so.  So we either have to redeem it and go somewhere, or we need to gift/sell it to friends or family to use.
  8. Finish the goals on the previous 101 in 1001 list.  For my 2nd list (which technically doesn't end until May 1!), I have only 3 things I didn't cross off.  And they're ones I would actually like to finish.  Rather than move them over and make them all separate goals on this list, I decided to just combine them and finish it out.
  9. Secret.  It's my only secret one this time.  If it happens, you'll find out what it is.

  10. Blog

  11. Organize and simplify blog design.  I love changing it around making it look fun and colorful but it doesn't really fit my life and what I write about - simplifying, organizing, minimalism, etc.  So I'm just going to dial it back to the basics.  As you can tell, I already started this one so just a few more tweaks and I'll check it off!
  12. Create static index pages.  Right now, if you click the label for the type of post you're looking for up in the bar at the top, you'll just get them in reverse chronological order.  I want to create static pages so when you're looking for posts on organization, you'll hit one page that has a list of all post titles, and then you can click the one that interests you.  Also going to generally clean up the blog and old posts while I do this. As you can tell, I already started this one so just a few more tweaks and I'll check it off!
  13. Simplify income streams.  I like making money off of this hobby but since I don't care to make it a career, I don't need to be worrying about 20 different income streams.  I'm going to delete some and figure out just a couple of things to focus on going forward.
  14. Streamline the Instagram process.  I do like posting pictures but I don't do it often because I make it too complicated in my head, thinking about things like editing and hashtags.  I have ideas in mind for what streamline means to me, and it's going to at least include editing processes, hashtag lists, and scheduling.
  15. Add another video to YouTube.  I never remember to film anything since I've just got my phone now and now camera, but the video quality is the same so I might as well film something fun and publish it.
  16. Host a giveaway.  I keep meaning to but I never do because I'm to lazy to make sure all the legal wording is compliant.  Seriously.  Hashtag lawyer life.
  17. Add 101 items to my shop.  I love that my little shop/recommendations tab is there, but I just keep forgetting to update it.  I want to get up to 101 items, which should keep me working steadily at it.  
  18. Read and comment on 101 new blogs.  I love the blogs I do read, they've been my friends for years now.  But I'm terrible about reaching out to new blogs I don't know.
  19. Have 6 blog weekends with Betsy.  We try to do at least two a year, because it's super helpful in getting things accomplished and working ahead.  We block off an entire weekend and get together, in person or virtually, to work on all things blog (social media, posts, images, etc.)  We both get a lot done, and we're both able to push each other to check everything off our to do lists.

  20. Celebrate

  21. Plan another bar crawl.  Already in the works, because we're planning on trying bar golf in Iowa in June.
  22. Host a themed/holiday party.  We host Halloween fairly often, so if we do that again, I'll count it, but I would like to do something for a different holiday, like New Year's Eve.
  23. Bet on and watch the Kentucky Derby from somewhere other than home.  I either attend the Derby in Kentucky or I watch it from home, there has been no in between.  I want to go to a Derby party or an off track betting location and actually place my bets and have a good time.
  24. Do a group costume for Halloween.  We always talk about it but we don't always follow through (though we did on the Sanderson sisters and Legends of the Hidden Temple.)  We're thinking Mean Girls or Pitch Perfect for 2018, but I wouldn't be opposed to some 90s costumes either.
  25. Do a fun activity for Halloween (ghost tour, haunted house, zombie paintball).  I'm not picky about what, it's just my favorite holiday and I love the spooky stuff, so I want to go to something new!
  26. Convince half my usual Christmas list people to stop doing gifts.  This would make me so happy.  And I'm talking about physical gifts, because none of us need any more stuff.  Ideally, we'd switch to just spending time together instead, but I'd be open to something like restaurant gift card to use together or something similar.
  27. Make a festive cocktail for every holiday.  I mean, I'm not making a president's day drink, but every fun holiday we celebrate - Mardi Gras, 4th of July, Derby Day, Halloween, etc. - I want to make a festive drink.  I don't like keeping tons of decor around for all these, but cocktail ingredients are always around.
  28. Create a 'keep on hand for hosting' list and keep products stocked.  I like to keep things on hand that we only use for guests (whether overnight or just when people stop by for happy hour.)  I'm much better at stocking things when I know we'll have an overnight guest rather than for the random pop in, so I want to make a master list of supplies and make sure I check and restock regularly.  You know, things like water or pop (John and I don't drink pop), cheese and crackers, frozen cookie dough, all that stuff that you can put together in minutes and present to your guests.
  29. Get and organize playlists on my phone for parties.  I never kept anything because there wasn't room on my phone, but the new one has so much storage.  So I need to get (free) music and get it all set up.

  30. Finances

  31. Complete a no spend year.  As you know, this one is already in progress, but I'm only 3 months in.  Definitely going to keep going until the end of the year, but who knows, I might make it go until March 2019 to align with this goal.
  32. Make and analyze a new written budget after no spend year.  I don't currently budget at all anymore.  My spending is low enough that I know bills are covered and money is being saved.  But after the no spend year, I think it would be fun to look back at what I actually bought (how many bottles of shampoo or tubes of mascara am I picking up?) and determine if that's really where I want my money to go.
  33. Try 10 frugal living tips I haven't tried before.  Are there even 10 I haven't tried?!  We're about to find out!
  34. Retire the credit card for six months.  I don't have a problem with the credit card, I always pay it in full.  But I think I would like to not have one at all anymore.  That would start with a 6 month ban on using it, for anything.
  35. Figure out my stocks and how to manage them.  I do nothing on this front, my dad handles everything.  He's always on me to learn about it, but it's just overwhelming and not something I'm naturally inclined to care about.  But I will make a concerted effort on this front, just to make him happy.
  36. Pay off all (John's) debt besides mortgage.  In case you couldn't tell from my notes on shopping bans and credit cards, I don't have any debt, not even student loans.  I paid them off many years ago.  John, however, still has debt - minimal on his truck ($2,000?) and a last small student loan that I'm not sure the balance of.  After those two, it'll just be the mortgage, so I want to help him be frugal in all our bills and spending so he can pay those off as fast as possible.
  37. Get our wills, trusts, and PoAs updated.  Seeing as how I spend most of my work day doing estate planning for other people, obviously we already have wills, trusts (every dime of mine goes into a trust for Hawkeye, I swear to god.  John is trustee but everything I own is hers if I die), and powers of attorney, but all of those things need to be updated with new account information.
  38. Complete at least 50% of this list without spending any money.  I tried to be very conscious of that this time around - these goals cost money.  I added a lot of goals that shouldn't cost so much, but I'm also going to try to cross off at least 50% without spending anything.  Although the other financial goals about John's debt and investment accounts are clearly exempt from this plan.
  39. Have Roth IRA hit $100k.  It means putting more money in and investing wisely.  Should be fun to see it hit $100k!  The Roth IRA I'm talking about is at $75k now, I believe, so it's totally doable.

  40. Fun

  41. Acquire a onesie of my spirit animal, the raccoon.  I've had a slutty Halloween costume version of one before, but I want a onesie.
  42. Beat Eric in fantasy football.  Eric is John's brother.  And he's too damn good at it and it's not fair and I want to do everything I can to beat him one year.  Just once.  Not that I need to win overall, I just want to be higher in the end of season rankings than Eric is.
  43. Get a doggie DNA test done on Hawkeye.  We need the results, obvi.
  44. Find my favorite vodka.  I've mostly quit sugar and although beer isn't the bad kind of sugar, it's not the best bang for my buck when drinking so I've switched to vodka.  On the rocks.  So I want to try pretty much all of them to see which one tastes the best on it's own.  Because why not.
  45. Learn and play a new drinking game with Tara, Billy, and Megan.  The four of us go out together more than most people hang out with their friends, which is odd because Tara doesn't even live in this state.  Fine by me!  We're always playing drinking games, and always the same 3, so I'm going to challenge us to branch out.
  46. Let John add something to the list.  I don't have an inkling of what he would pick, should be interesting.
  47. Pick a pearl in Disney or Vegas.  That means we'll have to visit one of them.  I want to do the pick a pearl thing from Pearl Factory, which has a couple of locations in both those areas.  I don't really know why, I just want to, and it's only $20 and then I'll get it made into a necklace or something.  (While I have ethical issues with eating meat, I don't have any with getting a pearl out of an oyster.  Clearly.)
  48. Reserved for 2019.  Something new I'm trying this year is to not set these two at the moment and keep them reserved for the next two years.  So just before 2019 (and 2020), I'm going to re-assess and add something to get done in that year.  Life is always changing and this will be a good way to complete something that aligns with my life in that year.
  49. Reserved for 2020.  See above.

  50. Health

  51. Switch to all natural beauty and personal care products.  By 'natural' I mean green and non-toxic, low scoring on the Think Dirty app or EWG.  Because ya know, arsenic is all natural.  So is cat pee.  Doesn't mean I want them in my makeup or shampoo.  I'm mostly there on everything, but there are some items that need to be phased out.
  52. Be able to bench press more than just the bar.  It's only what, 40 pounds?  But seriously, I can barely lift it if you add any weight to it.  Weak!  I'm going to work on it, I want to lift it 20 times in a row, with some weight on either end.  Not going to be picky about how much, just anything.
  53. Do 100 sit ups and 50 push ups, in a row.  I don't know how many I can do in a row at the moment but since I never even try, I'm going to assume it's 3.
  54. Quit dairy.  Dairy is the last thing that's tough for me to quit to be totally vegan.  I've never eaten meat or seafood, so that was easy enough, and I hate the smell and taste of eggs.  I don't drink milk either but... cheese man, cheese.  Even when I look up and watch videos on how cheese is made (disgusting, by the way), I still can't quit it.  I've actually been much better and don't add it to most things anymore, but I still get caught on nachos and pizza.  I'll consider this done when I can go 6 months without cheese. 
  55. Quit sugar.  I mostly don't eat sugar as it is, I have the opposite of a sweet tooth.  But it sneaks in sometimes and it's surprisingly in a ton of processed foods so I want to be better about reading labels and just not eating processed foods in general.  Again, a success when I can do 6 months without sugar.
  56. Quit fast food.  I've actually been much better about this lately but still, fast food seems to be an option too often.  I want it to stop being an option altogether, which shouldn't be that hard because I don't even like most fast food places anyway.  (I don't count places like Panera or Chipotle as fast food.)  I do plan on making an exception for road trips when there's no other option and I'm starving, but other than that, I'll consider this a success when I've banned fast food from my diet for at least 6 months.  Yes, even Taco Bell.
  57. Quit ordering in.  Obviously I was pretty certain in how I wanted my health goals to go when I was thinking up my list!  Quit all the bad shit.  John is the catalyst in ordering in, every time.  I have to be better about resisting.  If I say no, he usually won't follow through, and if he does, I need to just not order anything for myself.  I have groceries, I need to eat them.  Ordering in is a waste of money and it's usually unhealthy.
  58. Walk 3,003 miles.  Yes, that would be 3 miles a day, which should not be a stretch, I mean come on.  Some days I'm at like a mile or two (desk job, ugh), but some days I'm at 8 so it's always a toss up.  Having that 3,003 number out there though should push me.  Or I'll be Phil Dunphy walking to Canada on Christmas Eve, whatever.
  59. Stay under 170 pounds.  I thought about making this a secret goal, not putting the number about there, because commenters can be so ridiculous about weight, but I decided I don't care.  I'm 5'6", and 170 is overweight for my height.  Max is supposed to be 154.  I look fine at 170, though.  I have, in the past, gotten up over 170, which is not good.  So the goal for the duration of this list is to stay under 170.

  60. Home

  61. Complete the house to home process.  You've had a couple months of seeing this process unfold now, so the goal is just to finish it out in each area of the house.
  62. Create a complete home inventory list.  I want to finish the house to home process first, ideally, but then I want to create a really complete list of everything in it.  All furniture for sure, but also all of my personal items.
  63. Get a back deck installed and decorated.  Getting a deck installed was second on the to do list, right after replacing the air conditioner, and the air conditioner is done.
  64. Make s'mores on a fire pit in our backyard.  Clearly I'll have to do this before I quit sugar for good, but it sounds like fun and I want to try.  Just once.
  65. Get the small backyard tree next to stairs cut down.  I hate this thing, it grows like crazy and blocks everything, I have no idea why it was even planted there, it's stupid.  Eventually the roots will ruin the stairs and that side of the house, no doubt, so this needs to be taken care of soon.
  66. Get more seating for basement and living room.  We've been so lazy about this.  We don't need it when it's just us two and Hawkeye but we have people over often enough that it's really become apparent that we need to address this.
  67. Install all shelving.  We have a lot of areas we need to put shelving in still.  The laundry room, furnace area, guest bedroom closet, and garage all come to mind.  It's a bigger undertaking than it sounds like, believe me.
  68. Install electrical in the front for holiday lights.  There's electric on the side of the house, but not in the front.  So we can't hang Christmas lights or light up Halloween decor.  We have a handyman that can take care of this.  John's dad knows how to as well.
  69. Create design plans for remodel.  There's a couple things we want to change - expanding the upstairs, re-configuring the staircase, and at least removing the tile and carpet in the basement, if not changing a bit of the layout while we're at it.  I don't anticipate that any of this will get started in that time, but having the plans done for it would be perfect.

  70. Learn

  71. Finish all the courses and e-books I already own.  I have about 7 books on Kindle that I don't remember reading, and quite a few courses from blog friends that I didn't pay close enough attention to the first time I went through them.  I want to go over all of these things again... and then digitally declutter them.
  72. Figure out a new home care schedule that leaves weekends totally open.  I've been getting annoyed when something comes up on a Sunday because it distracts from me getting my home to do list done.  Mostly laundry.  I want to make sure all that stuff is done Monday-Thursday, so I can not be stressed on the weekends.
  73. Learn iPhone photography and photo staging.  I don't ever think my pictures need to be perfect, but there's so many settings on my phone that I don't know how to work.  If that's going to be my only camera, I need to learn it and make my pictures a little better.  Particularly still ones like... my cocktails I'm going to make for every holiday.
  74. Learn one 'vintage' skill.  I haven't picked exactly which one yet, but I'm talking things like sewing, making bread from scratch, gardening, canning, etc.
  75. Get a (real) bra fitting.  Because Victoria's Secret doesn't count.  I know I need to do this but I keep putting it off. 
  76. Get skin checked and learn to manage the rosacea.  I haven't been to the dermatologist in awhile, so it's about time to get my skin checked.  Rosacea is the same, no worse, but I still want to learn more about it and figure out how to manage it better.
  77. Cook 25 recipes from the Pioneer Woman cookbooks.  They always turn out great and John loves them, so I really want to go through all of them and cook new stuff and learn new skills.
  78. Study vegan nutrition.  I take a lot of vitamins and supplements, and I know they're good ones, but maybe I should figure out what to eat to get more nutrients from my diet instead.
  79. Work on Hawkeye's separation anxiety.  This has always been an issue.  We gotta figure out something.

  80. Read and Watch

  81. Re-read all 7 Harry Potter books and marathon watch the movies.  It's been quite a long time (years, at least... 7?) since I read all the books.  I KNOW.  The movies I watch regularly but I need to re-read the books first this time, then watch all the movies in one weekend.
  82. Re-read all Hunger Games books and marathon watch the movies.  Yeah it's been just as long since I read the Hunger Games books too.
  83. Read the Percy Jackson series.  I'm too old for these books but I don't care.  I watched the movies but they aren't making any more, so I want to read the books and see what happened.
  84. Re-watch my favorite childhood movies.  I have a list going on Day Zero, so it'll take me awhile.  Every Olsen twins movie, here I come!
  85. Watch 5 TV series I've been meaning to watch or re-watch.  I immediately thought of Dexter, Young Americans, Psych, Castle, and the Mentalist.
  86. Read the A Song of Ice and Fire series.  Big goals baby.  I don't even watch GoT but I read the first two books at some point years ago, and they're hard to follow but good.  But I got annoyed watching GoT when it didn't follow the books so I have no intention of picking up the show again but I will finish out the books.  Assuming the next 2 are released in the time frame of this list, of course, but the 5 that are out are getting read.
  87. Read 2 books (each) from 10 genres I never read.  This will be a good one to push me out of my comfort zone, because I never venture away from favorite genres.  I'll ask for recommendations from you guys.  (Genres I already know I never read if you want to start recommending: romance, mystery, historical fiction.)
  88. Watch 2 movies (each) from 10 genres I never watch.  Same reasoning, and the 'I don't want it' genres are even more numerous.  (If you want to start recommending: romance, westerns, musicals, documentaries, animated, historical period dramas.)  Honestly, if it's not Sharknado or starring Nicolas Cage, it's not my thing.
  89. Re-read old favorites to add to the resources page.  I feel like I'm constantly recommending Dave Ramsey, Marie Kondo, etc etc but it's been awhile since I've read them.  I really need to re-read them, and then I'd like to add them to the resources page here of favorites for when people ask.

  90. Shop

  91. Buy the (expensive, handmade) wooden hairbrush I want.  I already use and love wooden hairbrushes, but mine is a cheap one from a health food store and I want the nice Tek one.  It's super well made and will literally last the rest of my life, unlike my current one.  I say expensive but it's $45... expensive by hairbrush standards I should say, but I want the best.  Because I'm obsessed with my hair care.
  92. Get new winter wear.  I definitely need new gloves and a new scarf.  It's also very possible that I will need new boots over the next couple of years (though I'm not positive.)  My mom will be able to knit me the scarf but I'll be on my own for gloves and boots.
  93. Find Hawkeye a harness.  She has just a collar and leash at the moment, but I think she needs a harness for those times when she's excited and pulls on the collar.  Longer walks are just more suited to a harness.
  94. Get a new mattress.  Our mattress is my old one that my parents bought me in junior high.  Maybe early high school.  And while I didn't use it during college or part of law school, the fact remains that it's 20 frickin years old.
  95. Get a new pair of riding boots or cowboy boots.  I decluttered my boots at the end of last year, they had seen better days.  I wear boots with pretty much everything, so I need new ones.
  96. Buy new lingerie.  I mean everything under this too - typical lingerie, yes, but also bras, underwear, and pajamas.
  97. Find the perfect gold necklace.  I don't have a metal preference, I think I look good in silver, gold, or rose gold, it all depends on the outfit.  I have 2 go to silver necklaces that are good for daily wear, but my only gold one is a bulky, sparkly one.  I love it, but it's more appropriate for fancy events and evenings out only.  I want a more casual gold-toned necklace, but I can't find the right one.  Yet.
  98. Get the planner I'm eyeing for 2019.  I don't particularly have use for a daily planner anymore, but there are some things I still like tracking on paper (blog things, a couple financial things.)  The one I'm using at the moment is too big, lots of unnecessary pages and I don't love the set up.  I have my eye on a different one for 2019.
  99. Acquire half the items from my dream wardrobe style guide.  See #96 for what I'm talking about, but once I make that guide, I want to get at least half the items on it.  I think I'll probably already have half in my own closet, but just in case.

  100. Simplify

  101. Identify and simplify 10 things that stress me out.  I'm very guilty of making certain tasks and routines too complicated for no reason, and I don't need the stress.  I already have some ideas for this - my week day makeup routine comes to mind, as does my DIY beauty product making endeavors and the unnecessary contents of my purse.
  102. Identify and fix 10 daily/weekly annoyances.  I see this as different from the 'stress me out' ones, because for the goal I'm thinking more like 'stop being lazy and move the damn dresser to get the stuff that fell behind it' and 'buy a new damn pillow so your neck stops hurting.'  That sort of thing.
  103. Complete a full digital declutter.  I feel like this has got to be on an regular goals list, it's so easy to not keep up with.  But I want to declutter everything from emails, accounts, people I follow, photos, subscription lists and more.  Everything.  I'm also making it a sub goal to spend one weekend completely internet-free.
  104. Create a new mail and paperwork system for John.  I mostly don't get any mail, I've made sure I get everything paperless and I unsubscribe to all mailings.  John still gets daily mail though, and he's terrible about leaving it on the dining table.  Mostly because his system for filing it away is too tedious and hasn't been updated.  If a system is too hard to use, you won't use it.  I need to fix this issue.
  105. Create two master lists of John's and my favorite meals.  Having a master list to work from would greatly simplify my life.  Not only can I draw from this weekly (especially if I get at least 30 ideas for each of us, that's only one time a month for each favorite meal), but I can also start stocking shelf stable items that are regularly recurring ingredients in those meals.
  106. Create a style guide for my dream wardrobe.  I already have a minimal wardrobe that I like a lot, but I don't know that I love it.  Some pieces work fine, but I don't know that they're all 'me.'  I'm not sure why I even own pants because I hate them but they seem necessary in winter?  I don't know, I need to address this.  Having a defined ideal wardrobe will help tremendously in shopping for and replacing needed items.

  107. Get Pinterest sorted and organized.  Because now you can make sections under each board, and I need to finish that process.  Every time I look for something like a renovation idea we want to do in our home, I scroll forever through the home board when I could be organizing it by deck, bathroom, kitchen, etc.  While I do this, I'll check for broken links and things.
  108. Get down to less than 1 bag of trash per week.  I actually think we might already be at one bag per week but I need to track this better and I'd like to get down to even less than 1 bag per week, if we can.
  109. Donate 1001 items.  Do I have 1001 items in my house currently?  No.  Will I get there over the course of almost 3 years?  Very possibly!  If not, I'll count things that we donate from my parents' house.  This isn't counting trash or used up products, I mean only donations.

  110. The List

  111. Help Betsy complete at least 3 goals.  Since her list begins at the same time, we each have this goal.  We've always helped each other, it pushes us and reminds us the list still exists.
  112. Document each 101 item, with pictures where possible.  I've been really bad about documenting these goals in the past.  I do update posts here on the blog but I never remember to take pictures as things are happening, and I would like to be better about that.  
Did you actually make it to the end of this post?! FOUR FOR YOU, GLEN COCO.  If there's any goal that you think would make an interesting blog post, let me know and I'll try to get that up once I check it off the list.  And if you just love reading goals, Betsy is also starting her 101 list on April 1, and she posted it today.  You can see it here.

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