Monday, April 2, 2018

Shopping Ban Update and April Goals

I'll have some thoughts on things later this week but I'm not willing to get off my shopping ban and goals update schedule, because schedules and routine give me peace of mind.  So here we are, April.

Of course, let's start with the March update.

- So the first, main goal of March was 100 ounces of water daily.  I'm actually really good at this, even without tracking it.  I did track most days just to make sure I was hitting it.  The only day I know I didn't was when I was sick right at the beginning of the month.  That first Friday, I didn't even get out of bed, so I know I wasn't drinking anything.

- It was the same with vitamins, but I had more off days with that when I was sick, I just couldn't keep anything down.  Since the first 4 or 5 days of the month though, I've been solid.

- I did not make a summer budget.  I sort of considered some things but I never made any lists or looked at the calendar to figure things out.  Whoops.

- Definite no on the posts 4 days a week.  One week I did 5, the rest I did 3.

- No luck on summer shoes.  I still hate shopping for them.


My monthly bills remained the same, you can see those here if you're interestedTotal Bills: $1421.50

Other money I spent:
  • $30 Dog Food.  Opened and started using on March 8, so I'm curious to see exactly how long an 11 pound bag of food lasts for Hawkeye.  Longer than most dogs, I assume, since she eats so much people food.  Not sorry.  They don't live very long as it is, she's going to have the best taco-filled years she can.
  • $26 Dog Treats.  I get her duck jerky, and like the food it's a pretty big bag for a little dog.  Opened and started using on March 10, so again, we'll see how long this lasts.
  • $32 Baby Shower Gift.  John's cousin is having a baby.  I'm not actually going to the shower, which is in two weeks, but I already bought and sent the gift.
  • $30 March Madness Brackets.  I cannot help myself.  I paid for mine and John's.
  • $25 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card.  For Steph for her birthday.  Which I know she'll put to good use!
  • $17 Donuts.  My mom called and asked for them, because there's one of those fancy donut places by my office.  She said my dad has been feeling a little depressed since retiring plus the heart issues, so she wanted donuts to cheer him up.  Should patients in cardiac rehab be eating donuts?  Probably not, but whatever.
  • $46 St. Patrick's Day Drinks.  This was (partially) a shopping ban fail.  I should have been better, but I make bad choices once I start drinking.  I ended up going to meet Betsy on a bar crawl, which I did not intend.  At one bar I bought a round for everyone (yay for the drunk bartender who only charged me $27 for 7 drinks), since it was Betsy's family and I crashed their party.  It's a fail since I didn't intend on doing it at all, but once I got there, it was the right thing to do so I don't consider it that bad.  But I bought two more drinks at a bar later, so that definitely wasn't great.  Whoops.
  • $29 Fake Flowers.  This was the definite shopping ban fail that I talked about last week, since it's actually stuff.  John got me a vase I love and it's on top of the corner shelving unit in our living room, but it needed flowers.  And I don't like real ones, so I knew I was going to need fake ones at some point.  I ended up going to Michael's with my mom and Ida and they were 50% off plus a 20% off coupon so I just had to do it.  Plus I got the little glass stones in the bottom of the vase.  Worth it, yes.  But fell into that 'need it eventually' and 'it's a good deal' trap.
  • $60 Evanston Fire Department Fundraiser.  Donations and gifts are not among my shopping ban violations.  Did I also get 5 hours of open bar for said donation?  Yes.  That would be what we call a loophole.
Total: $295.  That's really not that bad considering how many times I slipped up.

I obviously spent no money when I was home, super sick, and unable to move off the couch.  I already had all the medications on hand I ended up needed (doctor's kid, not like I ever pay for them anyway), and I didn't really eat so there was no need to buy food.  Silver lining?  John did get me crackers and toast, but he paid.  When I finally felt better, he treated me to Flat Top Grill but other than that, I ate from the pantry and freezer.

My dad also paid for Hawkeye's vet bill when we took all 3 dogs for their yearly visits, so that was $150 saved.  Thanks Dad.

Alright, on to April:


As you might imagine, I have not been sleeping, and it makes me feel awful.  I'm tired and foggy literally every hour I'm awake, even while the coffee is in my mouth.  So I need to get through today and tomorrow and then the rest of the month I'm focusing on sleep.  Even if I have to cancel other things to make sure I get at least 8 hours a night, it's happening.

  • Write 2 blog posts per week.  I have one post already done but other than that, I have nothing planned or ready for April.  But I also don't care that much at the moment, so it's a conundrum.  I'm putting up my Three on Thursdays posts as normal, and then I want to get one more up per week, at least.
  • Schedule 101 list goals.  I like to list them out by the likely month and year I'll be able to finish them, it helps me stay organized and not forget about any.  Hoping to organize that soon, and start checking some off.
  • Clean out the laundry room.  It's a little disaster area, I don't know what happened.  We just had so many things going on that we sort of dumped random stuff in there and it's not looking very nice.  I have to get it decluttered.
  • Finish the project list my mom leaves.  It's her favorite thing to do - when they go on vacation, she leaves a little list of projects to get done around their house.  Most I can do, but some she leaves for John.  Like fixing the roof of their back porch and moving the 1000 pound grand piano over a couple of inches.

  • The 101 in 1001 list begins.  I always get a lot done at the beginning of a list because I have so much motivation.
  • DRAFT. FUCKIN. DAY.  I love draft day more than I love Christmas.  In rankings of holidays, it's probably 2nd after Halloween.  I even take the day after off of work.  I don't even take the day after the Super Bowl off.  Just draft day.
  • Our official 5 year anniversary.  Unofficially it's early February, but official 'asked me to be his girlfriend' day is April 17.
  • Pet sitting my parents' dogs.  They're off to Florida for 10 days so I'm staying at their house and watching all 3 pups, because Hawkeye comes with me.  It's more work of course but it's so much fun.  And it's an excellent excuse to cancel all other plans and just sleep a lot, because these dogs are all 8+ and they like sleep.
  • Rex Manning Day.  It's April 8, by the way, and it's the holiday that celebrates all things Empire Records, my favorite movie and the one after which my blog is named.  I shall watch it no less than 11 times.
  • Hawkeye's Birthday.

  • Monthly Decluttering Project: Laundry Room
  • Monthly House to Home Organizing Project: Laundry Room
  • My Ideal Wardrobe Style Guide
  • Favorite Green Beauty Brands (and top picks from each)
  • Common Relationship Advice That Does and Doesn't Work For Us
  • Three on Thursdays 
  • 12 billion (approx) photos of Hawkeye because it's her birthday month, she turns 9, YES NINE, on the 27th
  • and hopefully more, if I can get back on schedule

What are you looking forward to seeing here this month?  What goals are you setting for yourself, if any?

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