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I haven't posted much this month, and I am not at all sorry about that.  Only 5 posts in fact, when I usually hit at least 15.  It's not due to lack of ideas or even lack of time.  I just don't feel like it.  I'm sure that's not a surprise, given my life outside blogging lately.  It's been pretty busy, what with the wake and funeral and extended family around, and mostly - I'm still so angry.  And frustrated, tired, not sleeping much.  Jumping right back into blogging about organizing the laundry room and saving money on restaurants in Chicago just felt sort of tedious and fake.  I just decided to take pretty much the entire month off from this instead.

So what have I been doing with my time? 

Reading, a ton. All 3 Hunger Games books (and we marathon watched the movies), the first two Percy Jackson ones and I'll finish the third today, the first Harry Potter, the first Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), and I'm into the second of that series, almost done (Clash of Kings).  I also re-read a couple of other favorites so I could be sure before adding them to my resources page.

Posting Instagram photos. I feel like that's how it always goes - I simply cannot be good at all blog related things at the same time. If the blog posts are going well, I ignore social media. This time, no blog posts have meant that I've actually posted to Instagram every single day. Go figure.

Shopping.  Not in violation of the shopping ban though, since the whole 'house to home' thing is one of my 101 list goals, and I'm allowed to shop (minimally) in order to complete the goals.  We got a coffee table and an end table, and we're going chair hunting on Sunday.  We're also getting a nice dinner on Sunday after shopping because we just passed our (official) 5 year anniversary earlier this week.  Time flies.

Working on my 101 in 1001 list. Besides just the shopping, I've been crushing it as far as getting my 101 list underway. It started the 1st of this month but I already have 8 things done. Which is fairly typical at the start of a new list, I tend to be very motivated in the early days. Besides just the 8 done though, I've gotten really solid starts on at least 20 or 30 more goals.

Cleaning and organizing.  I mean, I'm always doing that I think.  But especially now, because it gives me something to focus on.  We got the carpets cleaned in the basement so we had to move everything off of them.  Which gave me a chance to measure for shelving in the closet and reorganize our holiday decor.  I also worked on the front closet and my stuff in our office, but we still have a very large pile of John's things to go through.  It looks a lot better though - even a minimalist like me can always find things to declutter, it's kind of amazing!

Planning for the house.  We were going to put the deck in off the back this spring, but we weighed that against other projects and financials and decided to hold off on that until next year.  Instead, John's going to have his last student loan paid off by the end of the year (about $8,000) so he'll be debt free besides the mortgage, and we'll work on some smaller projects - shelving in a couple rooms, the new chairs for the living room, things like that.

And I think that's about everything.  But now I do feel like blogging some more.  I'm currently dog sitting at my parents' house, which generally gives me more time to get blog things done.  If I choose too.  We shall see, but I am hoping to get back on track, to stop pushing everything off forever.  Fingers crossed at least.

What have you been up to lately?

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