101 in 1001 Update

Yes, I already have an update on the newest 101 list that I only started 2 months ago.  And that update is that I crossed 19 things off the list so far.

I think because I've been putting off so many other things in my life (as I mentioned in last week's post), I've freed up time in my daily life to suddenly be able to tackle a bunch of goals at once.  Because even when I'm being lazy about things like blogging and vacuuming, I still can't stand not being productive and just sitting around watching TV - drives me nuts.

For the full list, you can check here.  But here's what I've officially gotten done so far:


10. Simplify and organize blog design.  That's what your looking at now, which you've been used to for awhile.  It was the first thing checked off this list because I went ahead and did it just before the list officially started.

11. Create static index pages.  That's what you see along the top there, and I did those at the same time as I updated the design.

13. Streamline the Instagram process.  Simplifying all social media was a main task for me this month, and I started with Instagram.  Streamline doesn't even begin to cover how much I quit doing.  I think I'll have a post on this soon.  Not on Instagram, but on making my daily life align with my core values, and downsizing social media is a part of that.

15. Host a giveaway.  I was able to host a giveaway for an Emily Ley Simplified Planner, which Carolyn won.  Congrats, Carolyn!


21. Bet on and watch the Kentucky Derby from somewhere other than home.  John and I decided to start hosting a party at home for the Derby, starting next year.  So this was my only year to get this done!  I last minute decided to go to an OTB (off track betting) with my Dad.  Which meant he paid for all my bets.  Thanks Dad. 

26. Create a 'keep on hand for hosting' list and keep products stocked.  I had started casually making the list but I wasn't planning on really getting this goal done until we got the chairs and then last minute decided to have John's parents and brother and sister over to see them and to watch the Preakness.  We really got the list done and got a bunch of stuff the day they came over.  And then I realized after that that technically, the goal was complete!


37. Acquire a onesie of my spirit animal, the raccoon.  They had onesie pajamas at Francesca's and it was on clearance, I HAD to get it.  I love it.


60. Get more seating for basement and living room.  We moved our bar stools to the basement and then got new chairs for the living room last week, and I love them.


64. Finish all courses and e-books I already own.  I worked through a couple ebooks I had on Amazon and then went through all the courses I had been gifted from fellow blogger friends over the years.  I'd already done all these, of course, but I wanted to refresh my memory and then be able to digitally declutter them.

Read and Watch 

74. Re-read all Hunger Games books and marathon watch the movies.  I love these movies, but it's been awhile since I read all the books, so it was nice to re-read them for all the details the movies left out.

75. Read the Percy Jackson series.  This was quick to get though, since they're kids' books, but I liked them!

78. Read the A Song of Ice and Fire series.  I marked this as completed because I've finished all the books that are published.  There's no guarantee as to when the final two books will come out, and although #6 is likely to come out this year or next, #7 probably won't be released until after the timeline of this list, because the author has years and years spanning between books - #5 was released in 2011, for example, and 6 still isn't out.  I read a ton in the last two months, clearly.  I'm also almost done with the Harry Potter books.


82. Buy the (expensive, handmade) wooden hairbrush I want.  Hawkeye got it for me for Mother's Day.  Meaning, John bought it.

84. Get Hawkeye a harness.  It's pink, it's so stinkin cute on her.

86. Get a new pair of riding boots or cowboy boots.  They were on sale because the season is over, best time to buy.  They're actually exactly the same as my old pair, but my old pair were beyond saving (I tried.)

88. Find the perfect gold necklace.  A gift from John from the Loft, I wear it all the time.

89. Get the planner I'm eyeing for 2019.  I wasn't planning on getting it until September, so it would be the calendar year of 2019, but I have a friend with the company who gifted the academic year one that starts in August, and I'm so happy with it!


96. Create a style guide for my ideal wardrobe.  I got this one checked off the list quickly too, I posted about it here.

97. Get Pinterest sorted and organized.  This is done, and it's also part of my 'simplify everything' process that I mentioned with Instagram.  I'll have more on this in a future post, or possibly in my monthly update on June 1.

And that's my 19 done.  I also have 39 other ones in progress, and I would say 5 to 10 of those will be accomplished in the next month.  So I'm doing great!  There are other ones that will take me the entire length of the next 2.5 years (donate 1001 items comes to mind) but I feel good about knocking out the easy ones and making progress on some of the bigger ones.

Are you working on any long term goals?  How are they going for you?

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