Things I Don't Feel Like Doing Lately

Watching the news.

Watching television or movies of any kind.  I'm in full on read only mode, no screens allowed.

Being outside.  Ugh, spring.  And then summer.  Pass.

Blow drying my hair.  It's already too hot out for me and it's only 60 ish.

A full face of makeup.

Listening to voicemails.

Eating cheese.  Dairy has been making me sick.

Making the bed.

Wearing my invisalign.



Sorting holiday decorations.  The next project on my declutter agenda that I keep procrastinating.

Earning extra money.  I haven't done swagbucks, sponsored posts, nothin.

Chatting.  I've been quiet on all fronts.  I'm normally much more chatty over gchat during the day and in person, but I'm neither of those lately.

Social media.


Anything complicated ---> more on this soon.

Not that admitting any of this out loud is going to change it.  I'm probably still not going to do most of these things for awhile.  That's life.

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