Tuesday, June 12, 2018

32 Things I'm Happy to Live Without

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As of today, I've successfully kept up with my Mins Game challenge that I talked about last week.  Which means I've gotten rid of 78 items from my already minimalist home.  (If you haven't been seeing them on Instagram stories, I have them all highlighted under the Minimalism button on my profile page.)  Of course, this isn't even close to the halfway point - if I make it to day 30, I will have gotten rid of 465 items.  Since I am including things like trashing empty containers and recycling empty boxes, as opposed to just physical things like clothes or trinkets, I think I can make it.  Because it seems that I can always find more stuff - it never stops coming in!

Did you know that the average home in America has 300,000 items in it?  To be fair, I believe that that number counts like, every single fork and every single q-tip, rather than 1 set of silverware or 1 box of q-tips, but still.  That's a ton of stuff.  Especially if you have kids (think Legos and all Barbie's shoes.)  You might not think you have that much, but I think you'd be surprised if you tried to start counting - I can think of a few friends who I am positive have more.  Myself?  Not even close.  But there's still excess.

'Stuff' stresses me out.  The room where we have the treadmill also has a bookcase that houses some of John's things in a cluttered manner, and it also has a laundry basket full of stuff that's supposed to go to other people but has been sitting there for months.  It drives me crazy, because the visual clutter goes straight to my brain and registers as out of control mess, and I can't function like that.  I have a very, very low threshold for 'stuff' and I always have.  My room was clean even as a teenager.  So I've been having fun with the mins game, weeding stuff out.  The key is knowing what I'm happy to live without, get rid of it, and then don't buy it again.

Things I'm personally happy to live without:

Dry shampoo.  If it's at the point where I think I would or should use dry shampoo, it's time to just stop being lazy and wash my hair.

Hair spray.  My hair holds a curl or style how it wants to.  Any amount of hair spray will not change that (and it holds a curl well, so I don't really care.)

Bobby pins.  I don't particularly love anything I do with my hair that requires a bobby pin, plus they never look quite right and end up hurting my head or damaging my hair when I take it out.  If I put my hair up in some way, I prefer a hair tie.  This is something that went out the door during the mins game!

Face wash.  I wash my face with raw honey.

Blush.  My cheeks are already rosy from the rosacea, I never need to buy blush again.

Things I keep on my phone.  Alarm clock, maps, step tracker, music player, calculator.  God bless the iPhone, man.

Tampons.  Get the cup.  It's a million times easier and better for the environment.  Plus you save a ton of money.  All around win.

High heels.  I hate them.  I'll wear wedges, but never high heels.

Yoga pants.  I've never liked yoga pants, they aren't comfortable and they definitely aren't wear out of the house to anywhere but the gym pants for me, so what's the point?

Pants in general.  I only wear dresses.  I have one pair of jeans for tailgate purposes, because you can't do a keg stand in a dress.

Belts.  If you don't have pants, you don't need belts.  Funny how that works.

Scarves.  I have one winter scarf my mom knitted, but I'm talking fashion scarves.  They would never look good on me, so I don't even worry about it.

Discount vouchers.  Meaning Groupon and the like.  Because they still cost money and I'm cheap.  But I know what I like so I'm not going to buy a discount voucher for a hair place or something like that, because I stick to my salon I love.

Seasonal decor.  I have plenty of holiday things for Halloween and Christmas, but I don't change out decor for other holidays or for seasons.  My decor, like throw pillows, blankets, picture frames, hand towels, etc., are all neutral, so they work year round.

CDs and DVDs.  Everything is digital, so we don't own any CDs and I think the only DVDs we have are John's set of The Shield, his favorite TV show.

Physical photos.  I don't print anything anymore.  We do have a couple of physical photos of the two of us, in frames.  Just 2, I believe, both in the living room.  But we don't have any prints sitting around anywhere else in the house, and we don't ever print more of them.

Individually wrapped items.  Well, I buy Halloween candy for trick or treaters.  But in general, I'd rather buy the big container of the item instead of the individual ones, because it's cost effective and it saves on extra packaging, which is usually bad for the environment.  So we don't buy individual packs of guacamole, chips, yogurt, carrots, things like that, those little extra sides for lunches.

Vacation memorabilia.  Technically we don't go on vacation all that much anyway, but when we do, we don't buy any souvenirs.

Gum.  I don't chew gum anymore.  I don't even carry mints, actually.

Plastic wrap.  Hate the stuff.  Everything goes in glass containers.  You could also use bee's wrap.

Gym membership.  We have a treadmill and weight lifting equipment at home, we don't need a gym.  I also don't need a trainer, because have you seen John?  I'm set.

Dry clean clothing.  If it can't go in my washing machine, it has no place in my home.

Printer and related supplies.  We don't have a printer at home.  Or a desktop, for that matter - we just have my laptop.  There's just nothing that requires printing, and if something comes up, I can print it at work.  So we also don't need white paper or ink.

Paper.  John loves to keep paper so this one is just me - I don't keep anything.  Not receipts, not cards, not my tax returns that I'm supposed to keep for 7 years or whatever.  If my digital copy isn't good enough, well, I had a fire, sorry.  Shouldn't the IRS have the paperwork anyway?  So no paper for me.

Single use kitchen gadgets.  Ice cream maker, avocado slicer, cheese grater, rice cooker, bread maker, I'm sure there's more.  If it's for one food only, I don't have it.

Camera and camera equipment.  I used to have a camera aside from my phone but I found myself using it less and less because I didn't feel like carrying it around and remembering to be careful with it in my bag.  So I sold it awhile ago and have been using just my phone.  I had a little tripod plus ring light sort of thing for my iPhone, but literally used it like once because I just don't care about fancy blog photos anymore, so that was one of the things to leave during the mins game.

Junk mail.  I put myself on every 'do not mail' registry I could find.  If something still comes to me (it almost never does), I get in contact with the company directly and have a fit until I'm sure they actually removed me from their mailing list.  I never even check the mailbox, that's how certain I am that it'll be empty.  This obviously applies to my e-mail inbox too - unsubscribe from everything.

Newspaper, magazine or box subscriptions.  Magazines are in that junk mail category to me, so I don't personally subscribe to them anyway.  And the news I get online.  I also don't get subscription boxes, like ipsy or the Sephora box or fabfitfun, whatever the heck else is all out there now.  I'd rather spend my money on the exact product I want, rather than get a random box with things I might not even like, even if it is a 'good deal.'

Cookbooks.  I just get the recipes online.  I don't own any books for that matter, because I don't re-read things often enough to want to keep them.  I just use the library.

Dryer sheets or fabric softener.  I have never used dryer sheets so I don't miss them.  I used to use fabric softener, but why?  My clothes come out exactly the same.  This isn't something I just found a green alternative to, like using vinegar or wool dryer balls.  I just don't use anything in this category, it's totally unnecessary.

Art supplies.  We don't have kids and I don't color code my planner or otherwise craft in any way.  So it's not necessary for us to own markers, crayons, colored pencils, coloring books, stickers, scrapbook supplies, glue, glitter, construction paper, etc. etc.

Home phone.  It's crazy to me that my parents still have and use a home phone.  Actually, they have 7 of them (in the den, garage, kitchen, basement, computer room, my old room, and their bedroom, I swear to god), and two phone lines that call into those phones.  No.  Just no.

I feel like there's a lot more, but this post is long enough.  Anything on the list you agree with?  Hopefully that helps you find some pockets of things to declutter, should you decide to tackle a version of the mins game yourself.  Happy simplifying!

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