Friday, June 1, 2018

Shopping Ban Update and June Goals

May was all over the place.  I started strong, stronger than April, but the second half of May was just a blur and I definitely failed all sorts of goals.  Hoping June can be a bit of a reset, starting with a big goal of zero freaking take out or delivery, but we shall see.

First, May update.

- First of all, my health goal for May was to wear my Invisalign every day.  Major LOL.  I did not. Like, twice, I wore it.

- I posted a couple times but definitely not as regular as I was thinking, but now that I've simplified things, I might post more.

- I not only finished Storm of Swords (the 3rd Game of Thrones book), I also finished the next two and checked that off my 101 list.

- The laundry room declutter was finally a success!  Eventually I'll remember to get a picture up.

- I finished Castle season 4 ... and I'm into season 8 now.  Guess we know where my blogging time went.

- I completed my entire blog weekend to do list, and it did take me the whole weekend.  I felt very accomplished after that - I organized, I wrote posts, decluttered, took photos, all kinds of things.  And the most important thing, I figured out how to simplify lots of stuff going forward.


My monthly bills remained almost the same, you can see those here if you're interestedTotal Bills: $1416.50.  I say almost because, as part of simplifying, I got rid of BoardBooster and no longer pay that each month.

Other money I spent:
  • $39 Groceries.  I'm a good shopper I feel like, I get a lot of groceries for not a lot of money.
  • $6 Coffee.  John and I went for a coffee date, I paid.
  • $10 Mexican Food.  When Betsy came for blog day, we walked over to get lunch.
  • $17 Abercrombie.  I don't start here when I'm shopping for stuff, but when I can't find what I'm picturing, I always seem to find it here.  Thankfully, on clearance.  I don't have much in terms of winter pajamas, and it's on my 101 list to round out my wardrobe with stuff I love.  So I got myself adorable flannel Christmas-y plaid shorts and an off shoulder sweater to match.
  • $57 American Eagle.  I needed new underwear (and I only like Aerie underwear), plus I got a cute pair of black pajama pants, for the reason mentioned above.
  • $200 Hair Cut and Color.  Yep, costs $200 to get my hair done.  Well, $170, and then I bought cookies next door for my mom and John's mom for Mother's Day.
  • $30 Hanging Flower Basket.  For my momma, for Mother's Day.
  • $17 Groceries.
  • And then... ?
Total: $376+??  I didn't track stuff towards the end of the month, I got super lazy on all fronts - John and I ordered pizza one day, Chipotle another, I paid for an Uber home from the street fest... just all around I can see stuff on my debit card that I don't want to go back and track.  Rough two weeks, guys.

Which is why I'm changing up the shopping ban, simplifying things.  More on that next week.

Alright, on to June:


Absolutely no ordering food in for delivery!  Or for pick up.  The only exception is the weekend we're in Iowa because we are, most likely, going to get Taco Bell on Friday night like we always do.  But we ordered in a lot in May, which I hate doing.  Such a waste of money and it's never healthy.  I'm going to make sure I'm on top of my meals and ingredients and grocery shopping and if John decides to order something, I will not be part of it.

  • Visit another bar we can walk to from our house.  It's on my 101 list to visit all of them, since we mostly stick to the closest one (it's 2 blocks and dog friendly.)  While the weather is nice, it's time to venture out further!
  • Check 5 more things off my 101 list.  I have 22 checked off already, I'm aiming for 5 more this month, and solid progress on a few others.
  • Revise shopping ban rules and update a post about it.
  • Declutter digitally.  E-mail accounts, social media accounts, people I follow, websites I spend too much time on, calendar entries, notes in Evernote, everything!
  • Start work on Emily Ley planner.  The planner starts in August (well, last week of July) but there's tons of prep work pages for simplifying things and outlining stuff like your morning routine.  I want to work on those beginning pages and have set things filled in, like birthdays.

  • Bar golf!  We head to Iowa next weekend to visit Tara and play bar golf.  If you have no idea what bar golf is, you can check here - my first post.  It's so much fun, and it'll be nice to go visit Iowa in the summer.
  • Street fests.  I went to my first over this past weekend, and now we're into the street fest season.  I have plenty that I plan on going to in June.
  • Shorter work days.  We don't officially have 'summer hours' at my office, but unofficially, we do.  Typically Fridays but honestly, any day my boss decides to go golfing, we close up a little early.  It's great!
  • Pet sitting.  My parents are off to Atlantic City at the end of the month so I'll be with all three fluff nuggets at their house.  (Their two dogs plus Hawkeye.  "The Gang.")

  • Monthly Decluttering Project: Digital Life
  • Monthly House to Home Organizing Project: An Update on My Laundry Room
  • Shopping Ban Update and New Rules
  • Three on Thursdays 

What are you looking forward to seeing here this month?  What goals are you setting for yourself, if any?

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