Summer Season Goals

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I'm trying a new path today with my goal setting.  While I've been kicking ass at my 101 in 1001 list, which started in April, I haven't been doing that well with the monthly goals I've been setting.  I'm not sure if it's just the season or if a month isn't the right stretch of time for me to plan things in, but either way I'm going to try my hand (again) at seasonal goals instead, which is a 3 month time frame.  Since the seasonal goals blog link up is back, and all.  I used to link up quite often for this when it was hosted by Steph and Sara.  Now it's back, with Betsy taking Steph's place, and I think this could be a good fit for me again.  Because when the system stops working, it's always okay to try a new one.  So, here's what's on tap for the next 3 months:

Complete my mins game challenge.  I'm all caught up through today, and days 1-22 are highlighted on my Instagram stories, so you can check them out if you missed them.  But I really want to finish this challenge out, which means decluttering an additional 212 items, after the 253 I've already gotten rid of.  I think I can do it with things still within my own house, but I am going to be watching my parents' dogs while they're out of town next week, and I could do some damage there too, with stuff that used to be mine and my mom is finally ready to part with.  My parents' house needs multiple rounds of the mins game, I assure you, which is why I want to try to finish this one out in my own house.  Fingers crossed.

Finish out my cleanse with Tara and start one with Megan.  The diet/cleanse I'm doing with Tara ends on Sunday and it's been fantastic.  I want to do the same one with Megan.  Because there's a lot of drinking involved in the rest of my summer plans so I should probably be healthy now...

Go to at least 4 street fests.  Hopefully it'll be more.  I know of 2 that I won't miss, but I have a bunch more on the calendar.  If nothing comes up and weather cooperates, I'm hoping for more like 6.

Celebrate my mom's half birthday.  She never wants to do anything for her actual birthday, which is in January.  But she agreed to a half birthday celebration in July.

Make s'mores on a fire pit in the backyard.  That's a goal that's on my 101 list, and John is picking up our patio furniture next week and it's a table top fire pit.  Since Tara is coming in August, I figure we can make s'mores then!

Publish at least 2 blog posts per week.  Three on Thursday, obviously, since that's easy, and then at least one additional one.  Hopefully that'll get me back on track.

Tailgate in Iowa!  Yes, this particular goals link up takes us right into late September, the first day of fall, and football season.  We have plans to tailgate in Iowa in early/mid September, and I can't wait.

Hit and maintain goal weight before Iowa.  This one might be a stretch because there's just so much drinking involved in summer... but it would be good for me to at least keep this goal in mind and try.

Have your own goals to tackle this summer?  Link up your own list here:

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