I've been drifting very aimlessly lately.  Not so much in life (it's hard to drift totally aimless when you have a 8 to 5 job in an actual career) but in terms of what the heck to blog about and post to social media.  Simplifying everything has been great in terms of how I feel about things, both online and off, but of course the trade off is that there's way less going on to blog about.  I mean, I have a billion things to blog about related to Christmas, but we aren't there yet.  (Or are we?  Doesn't it just appear before you know it?)  August is a quiet month as it is, but I still feel a lack of inspiration when it comes to writing.  Partially because I have no idea what anyone would be interested in reading.

I've been mulling things over and making some lists of posts that would be relevant to my life at the moment and might be interesting to read, but that leaves me at I think 6 ideas.  Here are the totally random things I've been pondering lately, sort of aimlessly:

Resetting to perfectly clean/decluttered.  I have a couple more things marked for donation and a few little areas to re-check and then get organized.  And then, reset the house to perfectly clean.  Like washing the walls and ceilings everything.  But I've already blogged about all these things, so it doesn't leave much room for post ideas.

Recording a home tour.  Which I've done before, but I want to do it again, on Instagram stories.  A lot of people asked for that after I posted my mins game photos (check the Declutter stories), to see what all we had left.  Like a look into cabinets and closets and everything.  I keep meaning to do this but I'm not often home while the lighting is still good.  Soon.

Pushing my checking account balance to $10,000.  
This drives the financial advice people in my life totally crazy.  Right now, I always keep my checking account at $5,000, minimum.  I just feel better having it there.  But financially minded people hate that because it's not earning interest or being invested or whatever other good things it could be doing, it's just sitting.  But I like it just sitting.  That's not to say I don't invest.  My IRA and savings accounts are totally separate from this checking account number.  And I can pull money from those places if I need it.  But there's just something about the piece of mind of that money in my checking account.  And something in me is wanting to push it to $10,000 (maybe I psychically there's a major event/issue on the horizon, who knows!)  But not by just moving money around - I want to get it to that number without changing how I currently do things.  At the moment, automatic transfers are made with each paycheck to various savings accounts.  And to the ASPCA because then I don't have to feel guilty changing the channel during their commercials.  I don't want to make any changes to this system, but since most of the paycheck is already earmarked for things, it means changing my spending habits even more than I'm already doing with the anti-budget/shopping ban.  I'm allowing myself to buy consumable things as needed, home things like the new mirror for the living room, tickets for events, things like that.  Not clutter, not over-buying makeup like I used to, but still.  There's room for improvement.  And I think if I focus, I can do it.

Quitting online shopping.  Or at least majorly scaling back.  It's just too easy!  And I think it allows me to add things to my online cart that I don't really need to be buying in that moment, either to get free shipping or just to order it and get things all that once.  I want to think about it like I do unhealthy food - I don't buy it while I'm at the grocery, I don't keep it in the house.  So if I decide I really, really want something, like ice cream, I have to physically put real clothes on and leave the house to go get it.  Most of the time, I don't bother.  All of my shopping should be like that.  If I can't make the effort to go get it in person, I don't really need it.  I think this would help with the checking account goal too.  In this age of Amazon, I have no idea if this will be possible, but I need to get my ass walking to nearby stores to purchase things and stay off the internet.  Or, ideally, make it as long as possible without buying a product I think I need.  Which brings me to:

Addressing issues and not symptoms.  I am the queen of 'if there's a pill to fix it, take it.'  And sometimes, that makes sense, like when I'm actually sick with a sinus infection or something.  But when I take an advil for a headache that I got because I was dehydrated, or hungover, or eating too much salt, that's me addressing the symptom and not what caused the symptom in the first place.  It's the same with my skin at the moment.  The rosacea makes my cheeks super dry so I buy lots of oils and lotions to fix it, but again, I'm not addressing the reason my rosacea is acting up in the first place.  Sometimes it's spicy food, sometimes it's too hot of a shower, but there's always a reason why my skin feels worse.  I want to start being much more mindful of what makes my body react badly (sugar, always sugar, and dairy) and stop doing those things, rather than just mask the after effects.  It makes sense to me in terms of being frugal and simplifying things too - I won't be buying tons of ibuprofen and face creams if I address the actual issues.  (And if anyone has ideas about making lips feel less dry so I can stop buying fucking lip balm, let me know!)  Does that make sense?  This is probably the most abstract thought on this list, but the one I've been thinking about most.

If you think posts on any of those things would be interesting, let me know - maybe I can make myself focus and make some progress on those ideas.  And just in general, if you have anything you want to know about my life or thoughts on things, let me know because I'm still totally lost as to what to blog about.

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