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101 in 1001 List Update/2019 Plans (Already)

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I'm not that far into my timeline for this 3rd 101 in 1001 list, and I've got 39 things done already.  I think I always power along really well at the beginning of these.  If you've been around any amount of time, you know all about my goals list, but in case you need a reminder, here is the original post about this current list.  There's definitely things I've been slacking on in the last few months, but I've still been pretty diligent about my goals, sometimes without even meaning to.

101 in 1001 List Completed Goals

The first update I did, towards the end of May, is here and you can see the first 19 items I crossed off the list.  Here's the next 20 I managed to get done:

12. Simplify income streams.  As it relates to blogging.  I deleted lots of accounts and unsubscribed from e-mails.  I really don't bother with much anymore, and I prefer it that way.

16. Add 101 items to my shop.  I need to be better about keeping this up to date, but at least I now know that it's got my favorite things to recommend.

17. Read and comment on 101 new blogs.  I thought this would take me longer but I breezed through it.

19. Plan another themed bar crawl.  Bar golf in Iowa was at the beginning of June.

27. Get and organize playlists on my phone for parties.  I ended up making a few different playlists that I'm happy with.  That one took awhile, since I won't pay for music.  Allegedly.

32. Figure out my stocks and how to manage them.  I hired someone.  Simplify everything.

40. Find my favorite vodka.  I have a lot of favorite vodkas I learned.  I also learned that I'm super not picky, imagine that.  But my favorite is Absolut, the flavors.  Because there's no sugar.

41. Learn and play a new drinking game with Tara, Billy, and Megan.  Our usuals are still our favorite, but we did try at least two new ones during bar golf weekend in Iowa.

46. Switch to all natural beauty and personal care products.  Done!  The list is here if you're wondering what I use.

59. Get the small backyard tree next to stairs cut down.  It was causing all sorts of problems and we had to get it out before it got worse.  John took care of it in a few hours with his dad and uncle.

73. Re-read all 7 Harry Potter books and marathon watch the movies.  It had been so long since I read all the books, I still love them.  I watched all the movies in a weekend and plan on doing it again at the end of this month with my friend Natalie.

77. Watch 5 TV series I've been meaning to watch or re-watch.  Castle, Kimmy Schmidt, 3%, Mysteries of Laura, and Grace and Frankie.  But there's been more since then!

79. Read 2 books (each) from 10 genres I never read.  The full list is here.  Favorite was The Book Thief.

80. Watch 2 movies (each) from 10 genres I never watch.  The full list is here.  Favorites were Minimalism and Coco.

81. Re-read old favorites and make a resources blog page.  I have more to add but books are here.

85. Get a new mattress.  Just did this over Labor Day weekend.

92. Identify and fix 10 daily/weekly annoyances.  I never realized how many little nagging tasks I was putting off.  It took me like 5 months to get a security tag removed from a sweater John got for Christmas.  Sigh.  But so many things are done now!  List is here.

93. Complete a full digital declutter.  I try to stay on top of this so it didn't take me too long, but there was still a lot of deleting and sorting to be done.  I might go back and do this at least yearly though.

95. Create two master lists of John's and my favorite meals.  It's been helpful to work off of for meal planning, I'm glad I put in the effort.

100. Help Betsy complete at least 3 goals.  We did a bunch of things off her list, including visiting a new neighborhood of Chicago, a new museum, a couple of rooftop bars, and taking a water taxi.

Of course, I still have 62 goals to go.  And some of them are big ones.  But I still have just over 2 more years to finish them out so I'm pretty sure I'll be okay.

2019 Goals Already?

And now let me show you my '2019 List.'  I mentioned on Tuesday that I had started filling this page out in my planner.  Number 44 on my 101 list is labeled as 'reserved for 2019' because I wanted to be able to add and reassess things over time, since the list spans a longer time frame.  So for that goal (since I already have 39 out of 101 goals done in just a couple months!), I decided to make it 'Fill out the Bucket List goals/plans section in Simplified Planner.  Complete all goals listed.  Get another Simplified Planner mid-2019.'  So essentially I'm just adding 19 more goals to my list!  Since my planner runs August 2018 to July 2019, I'd really like to get all of these done by next summer.

  1. Attend TBOX in costume.  TBOX is the Twelve Bars of Christmas bar crawl, it's massive.  We're too old for this but we're friends with the creator so we have tickets this year and we're going to do it right, at least one more time.  Wire to wire, at least 12 bars, and in costume.
  2. Track all purchases and gifts for one year.  I really was supposed to be tracking purchases this year, but I fell off that wagon in April.  So I plan on starting this over again, and I probably won't wait for a January 1 start date.
  3. Curate Pinterest.  I actually already got this done.  I deleted so, so many pins, I got rid of my pin scheduler, I unfollowed people, I deleted and moved boards - all around, it was a lot of work but it's much better and I enjoy using it more now.  You can see what it looks like here.
  4. Film home tour on Instagram stories.  This is also already done.  It's highlighted under Home on my profile if you missed it.
  5. Maintain $10,000 in checking account.  Some people think this is too much to just sit in checking, but I don't care.  My other accounts are funded and there's always money that goes automatically to them, but I want to increase this one in particular.
  6. Mostly quit online shopping.  There are a couple of things I will have to get online, but at the moment that is strictly dog items, since they're way cheaper online.  Everything else, I need to start buying in store because online shopping is a problem for me, and it's just too easy to add things to my cart that I don't need.
  7. Close PayPal account.  I actually have two, associated with two different e-mail addresses, which is nonsense.  And PayPal is more trouble than it's worth.  I need to keep one open for blogging but the other I want to close and I definitely want to pay off and close the credit part of it.
  8. Curate Twitter.  I just about finished this, though I think I still need to check some things over to consider it truly complete.
  9. Work though A Simplified Life.  This is Emily Ley's book, the woman who created the planner I use.  I actually hated her first book but this second one I really like.  I've read it, but there are a few workbook type pages that I want to fill out.  The book is on sale on her website, and this link gets you $10 off a $12 book if you want it.  Her 2019 planners are also on sale now.
  10. Complete Tess Wicks' Money Program.  Fellow frugal Chicago girl (though she's currently living in Italy with her boyfriend), Tess Wicks, created a financial guidance program called The Money Program, which I have access to (thanks Tess!) and I need to sit down and work through it.  And actually do any relevant recommended steps, not just listen to the videos all at once and call it a day.
  11. Complete a version of Whole30.  I can't do actual Whole30 because I don't and won't eat meat.  So I really just mean a full 30 day clean eating (and no alcohol so obviously I'm not tackling this until after football season.)  Essentially I plan on following all the other Whole30 rules but I'm deeming beans just fine for me.
There's space on this list for 19 items, and I do plan to fill them all in because I am who I am and it would make me crazy to have an empty slot even it it is an uneven number.  But for the moment, this is all I have.  I'll update my list on day zero as I think of more goals.  If you have any goal recommendations for me, let me know in the comments.

What are you working on lately?

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