Monday, September 17, 2018

My No Spend Life... Currently, At Least

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September 10.  Day one of a deeply closely tracked no spend month.  I forgot to start on September 1.  I never remember to start anything on September 1, because it's always Labor Day weekend and that Monday holiday always throws me off.  And anyway September 10 is a Monday and good a day as any, so here I am.

Woke up around 6:20 today.  I try to wake up early enough to get on the treadmill for a little while, though it doesn't always happen.  Like today.  Because I was exhausted still.  Some days I'll make it up after work, some days I skip it altogether.  Hashtag balance.  But it is easiest when it's the first thing I do in the morning - put contacts in, put gym shoes on, start treadmill before my brain wakes up and fully registers what a horrible decision I'm making.  But regardless of when I manage to fit it in, I don't spend on exercise, as in gym memberships or trainers.  I just use the treadmill, and sometimes John's weights in the basement.

So today instead of treadmill time, I made coffee and put light makeup on.  I make coffee at home when we have it.  We currently have a large stockpile because my mom always picks up coffee for me.  But if we don't have it, I wait until I get to work, where it's also always free.  I only pay for coffee on special occasions.

My morning skincare and makeup routine is super simple - I wet my face to remove any of the heavier moisturizer I use overnight and then add a little oil, a little moisturizer that has SPF, under eye concealer, brow pomade, eye shadow, and mascara.  Sometimes eyeliner and lip gloss.  My makeup is free, due to a very nice friend who works at Sephora and combined with occasional gift cards.  I did pay for my last order with The Ordinary for my skincare, but I plan on asking for that as a Christmas gift the next time I need to restock.  I have no intention of paying for makeup or skincare in the near future.

After coffee, I brush my teeth.  (I never eat breakfast.)  I have an electric toothbrush that my mom keeps buying me replacement heads for as a Christmas gift.  Thanks, Mom.  I go through toothpaste super slowly because I believe in dry brushing.  Feel free to Google it.  So I don't use toothpaste every time.  I have no idea when I'll need to spend on toothpaste next, but I highly doubt it'll be before 2020.  Then I brush my hair, sometimes do something with it (today is a ponytail day because tonight is hair washing night), and get dressed.  Depending on the day, I'll walk Hawkeye - if John is coming home, like today, I don't need to.

I take the train to work.  The stop is about 1.5 miles away, so depending on weather and my overall mood, I usually walk, but occasionally take the bus.  Today, John drove me since he was getting off shift at the firehouse and loves me.  The train costs $2.50 each way, and a transfer onto a bus is another $0.25 on top of that.  So technically that's the first money I spent today, $2.50.  But I have a pass I swipe each time that auto-reloads with $100, and $100 usually lasts me about a month.

Mornings like this are typical, so I probably don't need to tell you about this every day - I don't spend on exercise, coffee, skincare, or makeup, and my train pass is $100 a month (though I do plan to note when that gets charged to my account.)

Unless I need to run errands, my work day keeps me busy enough that I don't spend.  I like intermittent fasting so I rarely spend on lunch.  Because I don't eat lunch.  I pretty much only ever eat dinner, unless a friend wants to meet for lunch for a special occasion.  Today was a no lunch day, hooray for not spending!

I swipe my train pass to get home and today walked home from the train stop since I'd otherwise been lazy all day.

Shower time is always at night, but whether it's before or after dinner depends on John's schedule.  He is off of work today, but he's also coaching little kid football, and practice is from 4:30 until 6.  I figured I might as well shower while I wait for him so we can have dinner together.  Tonight is hair washing night, which only happens once or twice a week.  I'm currently using some Aveda shampoo and conditioner I got from my mom.  I remove my makeup with almond oil (in the shower, it's just easier), and wash my face with raw honey.  I have a body wash from my mom I'm using up, but I don't always use it because soap isn't necessary, it's really the scrubbing with water that gets you clean without chemicals.  I also use the almond oil to shave with my safety razor, and moisturize while in the shower with a DIY body butter made of raw cocoa butter and almond oil - it lasts forever and if I do it as a last step before getting out of the shower, it soaks in fast and I don't feel greasy.  What I have in shampoo, conditioner, body wash, honey, cocoa butter, and almond oil should last me until 2020 without needing to purchase anything.  My personal care costs are super low.

Once out of the shower, I put on my crystal deodorant, which will last me like 2 more damn years.  On my face I use either The Ordinary's retinoid or azelaic acid (I alternate days), add a little oil, and then use a heavy moisturizer to seal everything in.  It'll be a few more months until it's necessary, but I anticipate these skincare items being the first things I need to buy.

I put a leave in conditioner in my hair, comb through it, and clip it up.  I like to let it air dry as long as possible, and most times I don't pull out the hair dryer at all.  Only if I need my hair to look super nice.  Which I currently do not, so air dry it is.  Although I enjoy the leave in, I don't know that I need it and it's not something I'll replace when it runs out.  Once my hair is up, I change into pajamas.  And hang today's dress back up because one day of wear does not warrant a wash.

When John gets home, it's dinner time.  And tonight's dinner happens to be leftovers from Olive Garden, which we went to over the weekend.  Which also explains why I'm just fine with intermittent fasting the rest of the day - OG is delicious and also more than enough calories in a day.  Once dinner is done and dishes are in the dishwasher, we get to relax the rest of the night.  John did some outdoor chores today, and I cleaned inside over the weekend, so nothing is out of place.  The cleaning lady is also coming this Saturday, so I don't feel the need to deep clean anything.  And then it's bed time.

So although my train costs money, since it's just charged once a month, I consider today a 'no spend day.'

September 11.  My morning routine today is the same except that I did make it out of bed and onto the treadmill today.  It's easier when John is home and has to get up early anyway, as in 5:30 a.m.  After the treadmill, Hawkeye and I take a quick walk around the block.  And then I make coffee and did my hair and makeup, got dressed, got on the train, all the same routine.  I met a friend for a late coffee at 11:30, but I had money on a Starbucks gift card from my mom, so I didn't need to spend anything.  The work day was quiet and I left a little early which gave me time to walk home from the train stop, get that little bit of extra exercise in.  John had football practice again, so I showered (without the hair washing) and changed and then started making dinner, which was Korean beef.  I don't eat the beef, of course, but I eat the rice and vegetables.  We watched Up in the Air on Netflix, because I'm working on my Fall Film Challenge, got John's fire uniform washed, and went to bed early.  Since the dinner was made from things we had in the freezer and Netflix is only charged once a month, on the 6th, today was a no spend day as well.

September 12.  John has to go to the firehouse today, so I spend more time with Hawkeye in the mornings when that happens.  Since he's gone 24 hours, as opposed to the days when he's off or working the construction job and is home by 1 or 2 p.m., that's a long time for her to be alone without exercise.  So we spend more time outside this morning, talking a longer walk and hanging out in the backyard while I have my coffee and don't put makeup on (I don't wear it daily because why?  No one cares.)  I got this crazy deal on dog poop bags the last time I needed them, so that's something I'll probably never purchase again in my life.  Well, at least in the next 5 years.  The work day unfolded as usual except that we got free sandwiches because my boss had a big meeting in the office and ordered from the Potbelly's that's in the lobby of our building.  When he does that, he gets food for the whole office instead of just himself and his clients he's meeting with it.  And I don't turn down free food. 

When I got home, Hawkeye and I go on another walk and then come home to be super productive around the house.  Since John's so busy in the fall, we don't get tons of time together, so when he is home, I like to just hang out with him.  When he's at the firehouse then, I do all the work I need to catch up on - laundry, organizing, cleaning out the fridge, taking the trash out, all the things like that.  This week I don't need to deep clean anything since the cleaning lady is coming Saturday morning, but I like to make sure there's no clutter or anything in her way.  Hawkeye and I watch YouTube videos and the West Wing (for the 47th time) while we do this.  I also don't bother cooking 'real' meals when John's not home, I usually just snack on things.  Today I ended up making some frozen veggie burgers topped with avocado.  I've been feeling the allergies this week, so I make myself honey lemon tea to have while I read and then go to bed early.  Also a 0 on the spending today.

September 13.  I didn't pay much attention to what I did today other than I know that we made tacos for dinner and watched Flatliners.  I know I didn't spend anything, but it was clearly a very uneventful day since I didn't track a single thing in my planner.

September 14.  I tend to go in later on Fridays.  Every other day I'm there by 8 a.m., but Fridays I'm not in until 9.  I sleep a little later and walk Hawkeye before I head out, and I just wait to have coffee at the office.  Today was a short day at work, because everyone else was out of the office and there wasn't much left to do for the week.  I leave around noon.  Which I knew I was planning on doing, so I didn't really get ready this morning.  When I get home, I shower and actually wash my hair this time, and blow dry it any everything.  Like an adult.  And then put makeup on and get dressed, while I have a hybrid lunch/dinner that's really just a bunch of snack foods like pretzels, edamame, chips and salsa, etc.

After that is 'Friday Night Lights.'  Little kids don't usually get Friday night games, so it's a big deal when it happens.  Which is what's happening tonight; John's football team he coaches is playing at night, with the varsity team right after.  It doesn't cost anything to go stand there and watch football, and I don't eat the food they serve at concessions.  And John's dad usually brings me a beer or two.  Once the games were over, John's sister, Julie, drove us to the bar and I had a beer and then water.  She bought my beer.  After a couple hours, she took a uber somewhere and I drove myself and John home in her car.  We stopped to pick up pizza, which John paid for.  Today would have been a spend day if I didn't have people paying for things for me, but I think it eventually evens out, or something.  

September 15.  We slept almost right up until the cleaning lady arrived at 8:00 a.m.  She cleans for four hours and while she does, I make myself coffee and work on laundry like the sheets and towels, any dishes, general decluttering and organizing, and working on blogging when I have time.  I pay her $100 and it's worth every penny to us.  John's brother got there shortly after she left and ordered Chipotle for himself and John to eat while they played video games, but I opted to instead nap for the next two hours.  I got up, ate leftover pizza, and showered, and then took Julie's car to go pick her up.  She dropped me back at home and went to her parents' house, and I finished getting ready to head to a bar crawl with John.  The crawl started at a bar that's just over a mile from our house, so we just walked there.  Then we walked back, since the other bars were just on the main strip down back towards our house.  I bought the drinks at the first bar, which cost me $8 and at the third bar, which cost me $6.  We didn't stay out late, so when we got home we had leftover pizza and rented the newest Tomb Raider on iTunes, which is currently loaded with about $70 in gift cards so that didn't cost us anything.  So the total for my spending today was at $114.

September 16.  Sundays are for football, of course.  We slept in and when I woke up, I walked Hawkeye before it got too hot and then straightened up the house and put all the laundry away while watching Bolt on Netflix.  I made coffee for myself while John made breakfast (eggs and bacon) for himself and Hawkeye.  I got in the shower and got dressed, and actually put makeup on because I have plans later in the day.  John's dad came over just before noon to watch the games and we just had a bunch of snack type foods on hand (cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, pretzels, etc.)  They had beer, but unless I'm out at a bar, I only drink water and coffee.  Sometimes tea.  No pop in this house, or juice, or milk.  I like water.  At 3:45 John and I left - he drove me to the restaurant where my Uncle Carmie was having his 81st birthday party dinner.  John couldn't stay, he had a wake to go to for a friend's grandfather, so my parents drove me home after dinner.  Once I got home, I washed the makeup off and put pjs on.  We got to bed early because tomorrow starts another work week, le sigh.  But today was a no spend day for me because again, free food!

My total for this particular week?  $114.  Although I'll be continuing with my tracking, I won't have a weekly report like this just because my routine doesn't change much so it would look pretty boring.  But after October, I'll have an update about anything else I spent on, with a total number for the month.  Including the $1000 I pay to John each month for rent and utilities.  How much do you think my total will be?

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