Monday, October 8, 2018

50 Ways to Save Money

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  1. Only use free checking
  2. Switch to higher interest savings accounts
  3. Wait for things to go on sale
  4. Shop at thrift stores
  5. Just drink water
  6. Use a water filter, tap water, and a reusable bottle to never buy plastic bottles
  7. Use the library
  8. Get rid of cable
  9. Go on regular spending freezes
  10. Pack your own lunch
  11. Share meals at restaurants
  12. Shop at Aldi 
  13. Buy generic brands
  14. Cut the gym membership
  15. Stop giving (and receiving) gifts for Christmas
  16. Do your own nails
  17. Negotiate with every service provider
  18. Keep the air conditioner off in the summer
  19. Keep the heat off or low in the winter
  20. Run appliances (washing machine, dishwasher) at off-peak times
  21. Wash on cold
  22. Always turn lights off
  23. Buy in bulk
  24. Walk, bike, and take public transit
  25. Don't grocery shop when you're hungry
  26. DIY your skincare and household products
  27. Let your hair grow out to it's natural color
  28. Meet friends for free things like street fests instead of dinner
  29. Utilize happy hour specials
  30. Meal prep in bulk
  31. Eat less meat and dairy
  32. Get a smart thermostat
  33. Always pay bills on time so there's no late fees
  34. Do a pantry challenge before grocery shopping again
  35. Find discounts related to your job - student, teacher, first responder, city employee, etc.
  36. Use coupons and rebate apps
  37. Never buy dry clean only clothes
  38. Get routine checkups and teeth cleanings
  39. Learn to sew
  40. Always stick to your shopping list
  41. Host at home instead of meeting at a bar
  42. Never use an ATM with fees
  43. Buy quality and buy it only once
  44. Declutter, so you know what you have and stop buying duplicates
  45. Make coffee at home
  46. Use half the amount you usually do, of everything
  47. Get off marketing mailing lists
  48. Trade pet and baby sitting with other moms
  49. Always wait 3 days before impulse buying anything
  50. Use Trim
Happy money saving Monday, friends.

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