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Halloween is my favorite holiday.  This should not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me or reads this blog.  We're in full on Halloween mode from pretty much the day after John's birthday (July 5th, by the way), until November.  I love costumes and creepy decor and the themed party, plus all the great movies and Halloween related activities.  Halloween is just fun without the stress, unlike Christmas.  Christmas comes with expectations.  Halloween is a free-for-all.  And although I love just about everything related to this particular day, I have a few ultimate favorites to share.

Favorite Halloween movie?  Hocus Pocus.  I love it so much, and I love my mug from Holly.  I cannot even express how many times I watch it in the month of October and it still never gets old.  It's just a classic.  John loves the Halloween movies (Michael Myers), and I'll watch them.  Scary movies don't bother me, like they're scary while I watch them and that's fun, but I don't have issues sleeping afterwards or anything.

Favorite Halloween (or Halloween adjacent) song?  As for straight up Halloween song, the from the movie version of This is Halloween.  Favorite Halloween adjacent song is probably Rihanna's Disturbia.

Favorite candy?  I'm not a huge sweets person, actually.  We can have the trick or treat candy sitting out for a week ahead of time and we don't touch it.  But I'd say my favorite is Heath bars.

Favorite costume you've worn?  I've had so many costumes, I loved them all.  But I prefer the ones I put together as opposed to the ones I bought at a costume shop.  Kesha was a favorite for sure.  I was also Little Red Riding Hood in high school and just wore my ballet tutu and a red cape and called it a day, that was a fun one.  But I have a feeling mine for this coming Halloween will be my favorite.  But you'll just have to see what it is on Instagram.

Favorite Halloween related activity?  We love decorating our house and hosting a Halloween party.  But I would say favorite is going to haunted houses, I have so much fun and get decor ideas for my own house.  John's favorite is pumpkin carving, but I don't like all that work.  I like cooking the seeds, but the actual carving is messy and takes forever.

Favorite Halloween decor item?  We have so many, it's hard to pick.  I'll hopefully have a video up on Halloween to show everything off that we have at the moment, which we keep adding to like crazy every year.  I would say my personal favorite is the creepy tricycle - it moves back and forth on it's own while making the noise of children laughing.  Totally terrifying.

Favorite Halloween memory?  My mom's brother decided to baptize his youngest daughter on Halloween.  I was not pleased, I had trick or treating to do!  But my mom's aunt (who is still alive and kicking and just as crazy) turned my whole attitude around when she showed up to this Catholic church in a full on witch costume.  Head to toe, makeup and everything.  It was amazing.  She's still my Halloween hero.  That was also the year of my ballet tutu + red cape costume, so it was a good year.

What are your favorites?  Let me know in the comments or in a post of your own.

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