My Daily Essentials

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I'm not so dramatic as to say that I wouldn't survive the day without any of these things.  But it would certainly make my day suck a lot if they weren't around.

Contacts.  I'm a -7.5 in each eye which, apparently, is really, really bad.  I can't see anything but fuzzy shapes when I don't have my contacts in, which is why I put them in first thing every morning and take them out last thing every night.  So I guess my contact case and solution are daily essentials too.  I don't wear glasses.

Lip Balm.  I drink a ton of water and my skin is otherwise moisturized but I always have dry lips.  They never crack or peel or anything, but they just feel tight if I don't have something on them.

Facial Oil.  I don't moisturize my body every day, but my face needs it.  Particularly my cheeks, where I have rosacea; they always feel dry.  At the moment, I'm using the borage seed oil I mentioned yesterday, but I've also used, with good results, argan, marula, rosehip seed, almond, and jojoba.

Coffee.  I'm a legitimately terrible human being without coffee.  If we want to terrorize North Korea into submission in record time, send me over there without coffee.

Water and Water Bottle.  Because you need water to make coffee.  And because it's the only other thing I drink daily.  I like drinking it out my water bottle as much as possible, since I want it super cold.

Socks Even in summer.  It's not that I wear them most of the day in the summer, but my feet are always cold and I can't fall asleep if my toes are cold.  So I always have socks on, at least before bed.  And I usually take them off within 10 minutes of being under the covers.  But still, I wear them every evening!

Phone.  I'm not attached to it like many people, and I'm fine forgetting it at home for the work day or something like that.  But I do check it daily and I like having it around.  2018 has been a year of way too many emergencies for me not to have it on hand.  But really, as what a phone is supposed to be for.  Not as a means to access social media or e-mail while I'm off the clock.

Calendar.  Mostly, my digital one.  I like to get things out of my brain and into my calendar.  It's set up with birthdays and bill pay dates, so I don't need to think about any of those things.  I like to check this at least once a day to make sure I'm not missing anything.

What are your daily essentials?

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