Monday, October 29, 2018

Things I Stopped Buying Since Simplifying Everything

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If there's one thing I have been on track with in 2018, it's been simplify everything.  I love every portion of my life that I simplified, and I really love the time and mental energy it's freed up to focus on more important things, the things I actually care about.  Not to mention the lovely effect it's had on my finances, of course.  Because ultimately, simplifying certain routines in my life led to buying less altogether.  Here are even more things I stopped buying since deciding to simplify everything:

Lotion.  Okay let me clear this up for anyone not aware - oils trap moisture in, while lotions are a mix of oils and water, so they provide extra moisture.  If your skin is dry, moisturizer is your friend.  If you're applying product to wet skin though, like after a shower, you need oils.  So, that's what I do.  I shower at night and put oils on my skin while it's still wet, which has completely removed the need for lotion from my routine.  Oils work better and provide more benefits, at least for my skin.  I also find that it's cheaper and lasts longer.

Hair Products.  My hair routine was at the top of my list when I was thinking about ways to simplify my life.  I've gotten it down to just shampoo and conditioner, with an aloe vera gel treatment before washing my hair, and I only wash it once or twice a week.  At the moment I'm using up a detangler for after my shower, but once that's gone, I won't replace it.  If my hair needs a little shine, I'll use one of the oils I use on my skin.  So that's it, I got it down to just 3 products.

Shaving Cream.  John still swears by this stuff but I just don't need it.  I have almond oil in my shower to remove my makeup, which doubles as shaving cream.  I can also use my conditioner if I needed.  But mostly, I just don't need to shave much because I got an epilator and while it's not at all for the faint of heart (you've been warned), it's fantastic in terms of saving time and money.  The results last weeks.  If you want to know more about epilators, let me know.  I feel like no one talks about them.

Specialty Cleaning Products.  It's called all purpose cleaner for a reason.  But really, you can clean just about anything with vinegar, water, lemon, and baking soda.  So I do.

Pants (and Tops.)  I decided I hate pants.  So I only own dresses, and it's simplified my wardrobe and my process of getting dressed.  And if you don't own pants, you also don't need tops because duh, what would you wear them with?  So I just never buy these things any more.  I don't even need to browse in those sections at stores.  It's dresses or bust.

Dry Clean Clothes.  Nothing simplifies your life like never, ever having to take anything to a cleaner.  So I never buy dry clean only clothes.  No matter how cute a dress is, if it can't go in the washing machine, it can't belong in my closet.

Supplements and Vitamins.  I'm using up what I have but I'm not totally convinced on the necessity and efficacy of all of them.  Once my stockpile is down, I'm going to better track the nutrients I'm getting from my food and overall how I feel, and reassess from there.  Besides vitamin D and magnesium of course, those work for sure.

Colorful Pens.  I stopped color coding my planner.  Black works just fine.

Weird Ingredients.  I've streamlined almost every dish we make and I gotta tell you, we can't tell the difference.  When something calls for one teaspoon of some spice we don't have, we just skip it.  I'm sure foodies out there will hate me for that one but we just don't have refined palates like you.  If I'm going to try a new recipe, I scan the ingredients and if we don't have something and wouldn't use up the rest of the product, I just don't bother with it.  No more wasted money.

Magazines.  I haven't been subscribed to any in awhile, but I would pick them up here and there, usually in the grocery check out line.  Mostly Real Simple.  And while Real Simple is a great magazine, it surprisingly did not aid in simplifying my life.  Because everything is an advertisement.    I just stopped even picking them up.  So not only do I not have the clutter of a read magazine to deal with, I also don't spend time or money on the things the magazines mention.

Greeting Cards.  I don't send greeting cards anymore.  I used to send Christmas cards but they're expensive and a pain, and it's so much simpler to just not send them.  I also stopped sending birthday cards.  I don't want to get them, so why should I send them?  I acknowledge people on their birthday - without the aid of Facebook, mind you - and I think a genuine happy birthday phone call and picture on Instagram is just as nice.  And when my cousin's and best friend's children have birthdays, they get happy birthday video texts from Hawkeye, which they both love way more than a card.

Printed Wrapping Paper.  If it screams a certain holiday or event, it's not for me.  You can start to stock up up on wrapping paper and ribbon if you buy something different for birthdays and wedding showers and Christmas.  So, I don't!  I still buy wrapping paper and ribbon because I really do love wrapping gifts and I'm really good at it.  But I buy something that can be used for every occasion.  Neutrals and shimmers work great for every event, but so does plain craft paper or plain white.  Which is the kick I'm currently on - plain glossy white for every occasion, with a beautiful bow.  And that means just one single roll of wrapping paper in this house, and one roll of ribbon, at a time.

I'm sure there's been even more, but those were the first that came to mind in terms of my daily routines and holidays.  Are you simplifying your life lately?  What have you stopped buying?

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