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Welcome back to Three on Thursday, a weekly list of three things I'm loving at the moment that I think you should do, try, or buy.  If you're interested in past weeks and more recommendations, you can find those here.  If you make your own Three on Thursday list, please share it in the comments so I can check it out.


Riverdale.  For some reason, I was fully prepared not to like this show.  It kept being recommended on Netflix, and I kept putting it off.  I have no reason why.  But eventually I caved and decided to watch just an episode or two to see what it was about, and I was hooked from the start.  It's all the traditional teen soapy drama I usually enjoy, but more dark and twisted since, you know, it revolves around people in their small town getting murdered.  Season 3 just started last week and I did watch that episode, and the one last night, but now I remember how much I hate watching live television because I much prefer to binge watch an entire season instead.  So I recommend watching Riverdale from the beginning if you haven't, and then trying to resist watching season 3 until you can get them all.  I have been unsuccessful in that second part.


Face Masks John got these for me, since you know it's not something I'd get for myself, and I've really been enjoying them.  They're cheap, which I love, of course.  But they work incredibly well.  I mean, I don't think each one varies widely in ingredients (though you can tell by the scents that they are a little different), but they work.  My skin generally gets angry at the seasons changing like this, and gets more dried out and red in the cheeks that usual, but it's been fine these past couple of weeks and I attribute that to weekly face masks.


My Weekly Newsletter.  I'm enjoying this more than I thought I would.  Some people prefer to get my posts directly in their inbox, which I understand.  People who enjoy reading that way generally know how to get RSS feeds so a post comes each time it's published, but that's a lot of e-mails.  So I made a mailing list instead that people have signed up for and each Friday I send out a newsletter with a list of the posts that week.  I was just going to have it be the posts, but I started writing a little bit on each one so it's turned into a weekly life update instead.  I also had a giveaway for an Erin Condren notebook, and I plan on having more newsletter-only giveaways.  And tomorrow's newsletter has the first answer to a specific reader question (about organizing), which is fun for me.  Since it's still a small e-mail list of people, I can answer everyone's questions and comments when they respond to the e-mail.  More personal.  If you haven't signed up yet and you want to, you can do that here:

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