Wednesday, November 14, 2018

My Birthday Wish List

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Only 1 week until my birthday!  I still love celebrating my birthday, no matter how old I get.  Of course, I add less and less to the gift wish list over the years, but there's always still a few things that I end up wanting and not buying for myself over the course of the year.  I think one of the best ways to save money is to resist these purchases and instead add them to your birthday and Christmas wish list.  Here's what's on my list for birthday currently (and then for Christmas too, since it's almost here.)

A Fluffy Robe.  I think long and hard before I add anything to my wish list that would be considered 'stuff,' especially when it comes to wardrobe additions.  But the fluffy robe is something I think about every single time I get out of the shower, which is usually a sign that it would be a good investment and not just clutter.  I use raw cocoa or shea butter to moisturize while still in the shower and then I like to give it time to sink into my skin, which means I really don't use towels.  And rather than get my pjs greasy, it would be perfect to have a robe to chill in for a few minutes while I fix my hair and put oils on my face.

Dog DNA Test.  I'm totally opposed to getting my own DNA tested, for a myriad of paranoid reasons, but I have no such issues with throwing my dog's DNA under the bus!  Is she just an over-sized Pomeranian?  Or is she a mix?  The world wants to know.

Skull Cakelet Pans The one area we aren't minimal at all is Halloween.  I never advocate for single use items like pans that can only be used for one holiday out of the year, but for us, Halloween is the exception.  We love and use everything we have related to that day, and I really want these skull pans to add to the mix.  We're going to start hosting the yearly Halloween party, plus we have a huge group over on the actual day for trick or treaters (John's cousin's kids come to trick or treat on our block but they have way more fun handing out candy at our house.)  I could use these pans for desserts and pizzas, all kinds of themed foods.

Phone Case.  I'm not at all picky about these, I just need a new one.

Beverage Dispenser For ridiculously strong but delicious alcoholic punch at parties, of course.

Oils.  Namely jojoba and rosehip seed.  I just use oils to moisturize my face and I've been getting the Ordinary ones, which really are cheap.  But I think it's even cheaper to make my own blend with these two plus some almond oil, which I already have.  I would be set for all of 2019 with these, I'm pretty sure!

Candles.  Always.

I generally like having my birthday close to Christmas, it makes the season extra fun.  I just have to remember to save all my wants and needs until the end of the year!  What's on your Christmas wish list this year?

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