Friday, December 21, 2018

12 Days of Christmas - 1 Favorite Holiday Tradition

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We made it to the last day of the 12 days of Christmas, which means the day is right around the corner.  And it is, Christmas Eve is Monday.  December always flies by.  For this final day, where I was only going to share one thing, I decided it had to be one single favorite.  I settled on one single favorite tradition.

It was tough to narrow down.  Since Christmas isn't a huge holiday for us, I was kind of surprised how many traditions related to it I actually do have!  

My mom always makes the marshmallow wreaths (I always look forward to those) and sets up her ceramic Christmas trees while she makes me and Ida carry her super heavy fake tree down from the attic and set it up for her, also of course while my dad sits in the den watching football or horse racing and pretends he has no clue any of this is going on.  At least until it's already done and he comes in to tell us it's crooked or a light is out (it's funny in it's predictability, I promise.)  I always go to the craft sale with my mom and Ida, since we were little Girl Scouts together and my mom was our troop leader.  I always end up driving through the over the top decorated neighborhood next to my parents' with at least one of these people, to see the house with the tree through the roof.

John's mom always wants to plan a million things yet we always end up just getting drinks at the local pizza place that looks the north pole threw up in it.  We always make sure to make his sister's birthday special and separate (a Christmas Eve baby.)  John's dad always asks me what he got me when I say thanks for the gift, because of course someone else picked it and he signed his name (#dads.)  Even though he probably wrapped it, because he always does all the wrapping in that house.  My boss always says we're going to have a Christmas party until we talk him into an early release from the office instead.  And we always get two boxes of toffee from a client.  Hawkeye always sleeps on the Christmas tree skirt the minute I set it up, and I always hang her paw print ornament first thing.  John always watches A Christmas Story 738 times before the season is over, drinks too many Christmas-y tasting beers, and orders Hawkeye $300 worth of gifts and treats.  We always say we'll hang up the lights outside but once he hangs my parents', we're totally over it.

There's a lot of things we always do.  I like all of them.

But there's one tradition that I love just a tiny bit more than all of those others -

Watching Die Hard while hanging the ornaments on the tree; just me, John, and Hawkeye.

Die Hard is, by far, my favorite Christmas movie.  My fantasy football team name is Yippee Ki Yay Justin Tucker, for crying out loud.  Anyone who says it's not a Christmas movie is dead wrong.  It's how I start every Christmas season - we order pizza, make some festive drinks, and get Die Hard loaded on the television.  I have the tree up before this day, because it's not that heavy and it's been mine for years so I'm fast at getting it out of the attic and all set up, a task John particularly hates doing.  Although I'll lay out the tree skirt, I always wait for John to do the ornaments with me while we watch Bruce Willis kick terrorist ass at his wife's company's Christmas party.  I put up all my perfectly matching silver and white sparkly ornaments and silver stars, he adds his light up fire trucks because #balance.  We then always get into a text debate with the rest of his family about top 5 Christmas movies, because they all gave traditional picks and my number 4 is Gremlins.  Sappy movie lover I am not.  And then we settle in to eat pizza and watch the rest of the movie, because it's just not Christmas until Hans Gruber falls off Nakatomi Plaza.

Merry (almost) Christmas, friends.  What's your favorite tradition?

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