Wednesday, December 5, 2018

12 Days of Christmas - 10 Minimalist Gift Ideas

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For some reason, people get very stressed out by Christmas when they have a minimalist in their life. I don't know why, minimalists are very easy to shop for - we don't want anything!  That's the easiest way to get through the holiday.  But people still like giving, so I made a list of things to give the minimalist in your life.  (Providing they didn't already tell you what they'd like, which they probably did.)

1. USB Lighter and Candles.  I love candles.  Most minimalists do, because we don't keep a ton of decor pieces around the house, and candles make it feel really homey but then get used up and recycled, so they aren't clutter.  Pair a couple of candles with a USB lighter.  It charges just like a phone and then creates a little spark that will light candle wicks.  One of the best things John ever got me, because I don't have to waste money on lighters or matches anymore.

2. Pet Items.  If your minimalist has a pet, it's likely very high on the list of most important family members.  Dog food and treats are something I always have to keep buying, so I'd be thrilled if someone found out what Hawkeye eats and got me a little stockpile for her, like duck jerky.

3. Subscriptions.  But not to stuff of course.  Just pay for the subscription to the services they already have.  Minimalists don't have DVDs and CDs.  We watch and listen to everything digitally.  Someone paying for my Netflix subscription for the year, or for a few months?  Perfection.  You can even buy digital Netflix gift cards on Amazon, so there's no clutter of a physical gift card!  You could also get Hulu, iTunes, Spotify, Audible, there's so many options and they'll think of you every time they use it in 2019.

4. Experiences.  Movie passes, museum tickets, season passes to the zoo, mini golf or concert tickets, whatever you know your minimalist loves going to do.

5. Pamper Services.  It costs me $200 every time I get my hair done so anyone who wants to contribute to that expense gets a giant thumbs up from me.  I paint my own nails, but I know many minimalists who would rather go get them done at a salon rather than keep all the tools for it in their home.

6. Home and Car Cleaning.  I have a cleaning lady once a month and it's absolutely the best money I spend all month.  Something I never want to get rid of!  Everyone loves getting their home perfectly clean, especially after the mess of the holidays.  Same with the car.  I don't have a car but I got John's truck detailed for his birthday and it was like bringing home a brand new vehicle.

7. Courses and Lessons.  There's both in person and online courses you could get for a minimalist, if you know there's something they've been wanting to dry.  Maybe piano lessons or a course in using their DSLR camera.  Here in Chicago you could get a gift card to Dabble, and they could choose any type of course they wanted.

8. Meal Subscription Box.  Although this is something that would bring a physical gift into the house, it gets consumed so it doesn't cause lasting clutter.  If your minimalist loves to cook or wants to try making more recipes at home in the new year (me!), this could be a great gift because they can pick which meals they want and when they want to receive them.  Everyone has to eat!

9. Vacation.  This is a pricey gift, of course, but if you have someone special that you spend more on, it could be a great idea to gift them a hotel stay, some airline miles, gas gift cards, whatever it is to give them a vacation.  Last year John and his siblings gifted their parents a trip to New York City and they absolutely loved it.

10. A Day Spent Together.  The gift of your time is what's really priceless.  If you're looking to get someone a gift, you're probably close with them.  They want to spend time with you.  The holidays are crazy and busy, so gift them a day some time next year.  Take them to lunch and spend the day exploring your city or going to a zoo.  This is what my best friend does for me, since she lives in California now.  When she visits, she picks me up and buys me lunch and we spend time together.  What could be better?

Do you have a minimalist to shop for this Christmas?  What are your best minimalist gift ideas?

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