Wednesday, December 19, 2018

12 Days of Christmas - 2 Holiday Pet Peeves

I really do love this time of year.  Christmas is so festive and fun, and I have so many good memories and traditions associated with it.  But.  Like any other time of year, some things about this season just drive me totally bonkers.  Here are my top two pet peeves that always come up right about now:

1. People who get annoyed if you say 'Merry Christmas.'  You know what I mean right, people who get bent out of shape and all 'you know, not everyone celebrates Christmas, you should say Happy Holidays but then some people don't even have a holiday right now...'  I get so frustrated.  Even more so when they're done ranting and then say 'oh I do personally celebrate Christmas though.'  What the fuck.  Not everyone, especially a total stranger, knows your life story, nor do they care.  Just accept the Merry Christmas wishes for the spirit in which they were intended - someone wishing you joy and peace this time of year.  Say 'thanks, you too' and move on.  I mean, if it's someone close to you and they don't know which holiday you celebrate, of course you should explain it to them.  But for strangers on a street or a clerk at a store, don't be dick.

2. The war on how other people celebrate the season.  There's not a right or wrong way to celebrate and even if there were, the fact that someone other than you is celebrating it 'wrong' is none of your concern.  It kind of goes along with the first one, to which I say live and let live.  Some people are very traditional and religious, some people are completely secular and only celebrate the 'commercial christmas.'  Really religious people feel the need to drag on Santa and reindeer - come on, why do you hate fun?  And the really secular people want to tell the world how Jesus was probably really born in March - which may be true, but why bring down someone's church services that are so important to them?  Believe what you want to believe, embrace the traditions you want and leave the ones you don't for someone else - there's room for everything.  In fact, there's room for multiple combinations of that too - I have Jewish friends who have Christmas trees.  You cannot control how someone else views this time of year and how they choose to express those views, and you shouldn't want to.

I'm actually certain I have more holiday related pet peeves, which is why I picked this particular day to share them.  I thought limiting myself to only two would be better for my sanity.  (By the way, my third would be elf on the shelf photos on Instagram, but it's not so much an annoying pet peeve as it's that thing is terrifying.)  Do either of these drive you crazy too?  What's your biggest holiday related pet peeve?

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