Tuesday, December 18, 2018

12 Days of Christmas - 3 Things We Always Display

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We don't go crazy on Christmas decor.  I think less is more and it's not my favorite holiday so I don't need to be over the top with it.  But of course, we still have our favorite pieces.  Here's our top 3 that we always display to make it finally feel like Christmas in our house.

1. The Tree.  Years ago, when I was still in law school (yikes, like 2009), I went during the post-Christmas sales to Macy's with my friend Ida and found a gorgeous tree among the sales.  They sell all of their floor models after December 25.  It was flocked with the fake white snow I love and was 8 feet tall.  It was originally something like $900, but it was on sale for $200.  I bought it.  They said they couldn't guarantee the pre-strung lights would last long since it was the floor model that had been on all year, but I've put this tree up every year and I haven't changed a single light bulb yet.  Worth every penny.  I love it so much and even when the lights do finally fail, I can take them off and string new ones.  Even when I haven't had the time or space in my old apartments for a lot of other decor, I've always managed to get this tree up.  That's when Christmas really starts in this house.

2. Christmas Story Village and Leg Lamp.  In case you couldn't tell by the color and tackiness of it all, this is totally John's contribution.  We're complete opposites on what we love in Christmas decor!  I'm white lights, sparkly silver ornaments, fluffy white tree skirts, and matching everything.  John is colored lights, comic book ornaments, colorful decor from childhood and, obviously, all things A Christmas Story.  It's his favorite Christmas movie and he's watched it 20 times this season alone.  Naturally, he has the leg lamp.  He also has most of the official Department 56 Christmas village pieces, which his mom has collected for him over the years.  I always get the tree up first thing, but he's right behind me with setting up his village.

3. Hawkeye's Paw Print Ornament.  I finally got to make an ornament of Hawkeye's paw print!  She was not amused.  Although last year was the first year I was able to display it, both last year and this year it was the very first thing to get put on the tree, and I know it always will be.  It's front and center and I think it's so adorable.  Betsy got me the kit one year, what a great Christmas gift.  I highly recommend getting one yourself, if you have a dog.  She was able to find it on sale after Christmas, by the way.

What makes it finally feel festive in your house?  What do you always make sure to display?

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