Monday, December 17, 2018

12 Days of Christmas - 4 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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Do you hang and fill stockings for Christmas?  We do.  My mom always did too, when I was growing up.  I remember it always being filled with chocolate when I was little, and then useful things when I was in junior high and high school, like socks and toothbrushes and lotions.  So I love keeping the tradition alive, but I also know that it can be hard to fill stockings.  You generally want small, relatively inexpensive items, but you don't want it to be wasteful 'filler gifts' that no one is very excited to receive.  Here are four of my favorite ideas this year:

1. Old Time Candy.  I always fill John's stocking with candy from the 80s and 90s, when we were kids.  It's so fun and nostalgic, better than just getting candy we see at the grocery store checkout line all year long.  Since I only get it at Christmas time, and we really don't otherwise have candy around, it's a special treat that John always looks forward to.  His favorites are Runts, Nerds Ropes, the small size Laffy Taffy, and the colored (fruit flavored) Tootsie Rolls.  They also have a ton of this 'old time' candy at Five Below, if you have one near you.

2. Planner Themed.  The idea of planner themed stockings clearly appeals to me, since I love planners.  This year, Erin Condren introduced Petite Planners, and they're adorable.  My own stocking currently has the budget one and the meal plan one, I'm going to start testing them out in January.  In keeping with the theme, I would also include nice pens and stickers to make the stocking complete.  And if you need a 2019 planner still, I use the Simplified Planner.

3. Spices Anyone else blow through all their spices in the winter months?  I use them in baking, in making cider and eggnog, even just in steaming them on the stove to make the house smell nice.  Good news is that spices (and baking supplies in general) are all on sale right now, making them great stocking gifts.  If you're recipient loves to cook, then getting containers of all the popular spices would be a well-loved and often used stocking stuffer. 

4. Baby Food.  This stuff is so gross but dogs are obsessed with it.  And if you don't have a stocking for your dog, well, we are just not the same kind of person.  My dog had a stocking before John did.  It's impossible to stuff with treats early though, because she can smell them and tear it down.  Instead, she has no idea the baby food is in there waiting for her, and she's going to be very excited on Christmas morning to get it.  Seriously though, if you've never gotten this for you dog, it's like 75 cents in the baby aisle at Target.  Your pup will thank you.

Do you have stockings for Christmas?  What do you put in yours?

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