Wednesday, December 12, 2018

12 Days of Christmas - 6 Things On My Wish List

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I still make Christmas lists.  They aren't nearly as ridiculous as when I was a child, but when someone asks me what I want for Christmas, I'm ready to tell them.  I'd love a no gifts at all Christmas, but John's whole family's love language seems to be gifts.  I figure that if someone is going to get my something anyway, I might as well get exactly what I want.  I know how much I appreciate when someone gives me ideas of what to get them, so I want to also make it easy for my people.  And I also like to be practical, being such a minimalist and all.  So here's what's on my list for this Christmas:

1. Socks and Underwear.  I try to replace mine at Christmas every year or every other year.  Since I only have as many as I need for one week, I tend to wash and wear them much more than someone with a bigger wardrobe.  Which means they wear out quicker.  I don't always need them every single year (I don't think I replaced them last year), but this year is the time for new ones.  They're also always on sale just before the holidays.  I've been getting them from Aerie for years, I know what I like.

2. Champagne Glasses.  For some reason, I'm down to just two champagne glasses.  Fine, the reason is because my friends and I tend to break them.  But I still like using them, and two isn't usually enough when I have people over and open a bottle.  When we cracked open our $3 bottles of Andre this past Saturday morning, we had it in solo cups, like the classy crew that we are.  It would have been fun to have it in real glasses though.  (And $3 Andre is totally deserving of real glassware, yes.)

3. Hair Ties.  I love the Invisibobble hair ties.  I do wear my hair down most of the time, but I like having them on me for when I need to pull my hair out of my face at work.  Or during flip cup.  These don't leave kinks in the hair and don't give me a headache after an hour.  They last forever too, because you can put them in hot water when they stretch out, to bring them back to their original size.  However, like all hair ties, I still manage to misplace these.  Not as often as I did with my old, plain black ties, but often enough that I could use another set of 3.

4. Amazon Gift Cards.  Talk about useful, right?  I know that people think gift cards aren't personal and therefore not a good gift but come on, we're the broke/cheap millennial generation right?  We want gift cards and cash!  My birthday and Christmas are close together, so when I need something in May, I'm out of luck in asking for it as a gift.  I'd love having a little stockpile of Amazon gift cards for when that happens.  I have a goal for 2019 to (a) save $10,000 (in addition to my usual investments) and (b) not spend much money outside of bills, and since I order everything for the house and Hawkeye on Amazon, this would help future Stephanie's bottom line so much.  I love gift cards in general, but Amazon just has everything.

5. Baking Pans and Dishes.  We had three baking pans and I had them for years and years.  Probably since I lived in Iowa, and I graduated in 2007 (woof.)  Naturally, we've destroyed two of them, the ones with nonstick coating.  The glass one is still going strong of course.  I've gotten rid of the two crappy ones and we desperately need more glass pans.  For awhile, we hadn't been using them much, but John and I have both gotten further away from using aluminum foil and take out.  He's also been making dinners for his parents, since his grandfather just died last week and things have been hectic.  So he makes them a meatloaf and sides and brings it over in the glass pan since it has a lid and can go right into their oven.  We need more of those.  I asked for them for Christmas but if I don't get them, I'll probably go sale hunting for them on December 26th, which is a great day to shop.  As are January 1st and 2nd.

6. White Noise Machine Since John gets up at least by 5:30 for work (usually earlier), we go to bed early.  But houses are close here in Chicago and the neighbors are usually up much later than we are.  John can fall asleep anywhere, any time, but I can't.  I can't fall asleep to voices, so television is out (plus screens are bad for your sleep anyway.)  I've been playing white noise off of YouTube on my phone, and I've been falling asleep great to it.  I like the fan sounds as opposed to anything nature-y, like water, so I think I'd get really good use out of a white noise machine.  I can go back to leaving my phone outside the bedroom at night.

What's on your Christmas list this year?

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