Monday, December 10, 2018

12 Days of Christmas - 8 Christmas Things I Stopped Buying

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Time for another 'things I've stopped buying' but Christmas edition this round.  I love saving money in December, so here are 8 holiday things I just don't purchase.

1. Decor for Each Room.  Part of me wanted to be that person who has Christmas-y hand towels in the bathrooms and a themed sheets and comforters on the bed, but the logical, frugal, minimalist always wins out because why would I spend so much on things that only get used one month out of 12 and that don't bring me that much comparative joy (unlike Halloween items)?  We pretty much only decorate in the living room when it comes to Christmas.  I don't need every room to look like Santa's village.

2. Christmas Movies.  We have so many ways we can watch Christmas movies that there's just no need to purchase them in DVD format.  My personal favorite, Die Hard, is always on TV this time of year, and we also have it recorded on our DVR.  And Netflix, Hulu, and Prime are full of Christmas movies in December, it's so easy to find our favorites or even just something random and festive to watch.

3. Filler Gifts.  You know what I mean.  Those little add-ons that aren't the main gift but you just include to make the gift feel more full or finished?  Like tying a little dollar store ornament on with a gift tag, putting a random bookmark in a book you're gifting, or adding a toy car to a kid's stocking.  These things don't mean anything to the recipient; they aren't personal or thoughtful.  And they usually break right away.  I don't want to contribute to someone else's clutter, so I don't add any 'filler' items to the gifts I give.  Even though these things are small and inexpensive, they add up if you keep buying them.

4. Candy Canes.  They just always appeared, actually, I don't know that I bought them... but regardless, I definitely don't acquire these anymore.  I don't like candy canes.  I like some peppermint flavored things but candy canes are weird and sticky and just not something I'm going to spend money or calories on.  I know some people get them just as decor but I find that they melt and get weird over time so I'm not doing that either.

5. Themed Kitchen Items.  Or is it serving items?  I'm not sure what you'd call them, but I don't buy Christmas mugs or plates or napkins that only get used this time of year.  We don't host a Christmas dinner or anything, so there's no need to have reindeer plates and napkin rings.  And I have big white mugs from Crate and Barrel that I use all year round and fit any holiday theme.

6. Outdoor Christmas Decor.  We go crazy for Halloween but Christmas just isn't as big for us.  We have some outdoor lights which we haven't even put up yet this year and we have no idea if we will.  It's not something that's important to us.  Our indoor decorations in the living room seem to be enough to make us feel festive.  John doesn't like the cold like I do, so he doesn't really want to be out there putting up and taking down decorations.  And I'm afraid of heights and can't even make it to the 3rd ladder rung, so I'm clearly not doing it either.

7. Live Christmas Trees.  I like fake greenery.  The real stuff always makes my allergies act up.  Plus you'd have to purchase it every year.  No thanks.  I'm a buy it once and be done kind of person, so I bought a very nice fake free and fake wreath and now I'm set for years, maybe forever.  I'm willing to spend more on quality fake items and not have to buy the live things every year.

8. Holiday Clothing.  I'm just not going to buy an ugly sweater, no matter what the party theme is.  I can't bring myself to spend money on an outfit I'm going to wear one time, even if I tell myself 'I'll wear it next year.'  (Again, except Halloween, because I have a Halloween party and if you're not in costume, you have to wear one from my bin of old costumes.)  I don't go out of my way to buy outfits for church or Christmas parties or New Year's Eve, because I have something in my closet that I can make work, and that way I'm not just wasting money and space on something that is unused 364 days a year.

I'm enjoying the money saved and the lack of clutter.  What could you do without this year?

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