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18 Things I Got Rid of in 2018

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We're so close to end of the year - just this weekend to close it out, really.  Do you have time off of work?  Now that Christmas is over, you might have time on your hands, like I do.  I highly recommend using that time to get stuff out of your life and your home before the new year comes (or at the beginning of January, that works too.)  Starting with a clean slate is so refreshing.  Even though the flipping of a calendar doesn't actually mean anything, it's not magical, it still feels like it is.  I'm getting 2019 off on the right foot, with new goals and ideas (more on that Monday), but I had to let go of a lot too, that I wanted to leave behind in 2018.  Here are 18 things I got rid of this past year.  Hopefully something on this list sparks motivation in you to get rid of it this weekend.

1. Items That Were Replaced.  When I got a new phone and phone cover, the old ones left.  Same with Hawkeye's new dog collar.  This one is so important to remember because most people are guilty of not following through - you say you're going to buy the new shoes and throw out the worn out ones, but there they sit, for another year.  You might even still wear them.  Let it all go, like you were supposed to. 

2. Clothes.  I think clothes and closets are really something to stay on top of at least once a year, if not more often.  Even if you have a capsule wardrobe like me.  Maybe especially if you have one.  You might think that's the end of shopping and you're all set now, but that isn't really the case.  Because things wear out much faster when you're constantly wearing and washing them, and I cycle through pretty much my entire wardrobe on a weekly basis (seasonally, of course.)  When I got new things for Christmas 2017, I sent a huge bag of stuff off to ThredUp in January of clothing items that were still in great shape but just didn't suit me any more.  And a bunch of purses, I finally let go of those.

3. Excessive Makeup Items.  I had a smaller makeup collection for awhile, as I've been steadily downsizing over the years.  But 2018 was the year that I completely got rid of primer, eye primer, powder eyeshadow, pencil eyeliner, setting spray, extra lipsticks, and curling my eyelashes.  I'm sure there's other things I'm forgetting but yeah, none of that was necessary for me so out it went.

4. Excessive Skin Care Items.  Likewise, I minimized my skincare routine.  My skin responds best to minimal products and other than moisturizing, it seems to prefer that I leave it alone.  I used to have tons of different creams, serums, medications, cleansers to target redness, on and on, but it really made no difference.  So I just stopped using all that stuff and went back to just the basics, dialing it even further back to just the all natural basics.  Why shell out for a tiny container of redness reducing cleanser (full of weird, harmful ingredients) when washing my face with a teaspoon of raw honey works better for a fraction of the price?

6. Excessive Hair Care Items.  This has got to be the biggest one for me, because my hair care routine used to be extensive and my collection of items huge.  I wash my hair so rarely (once a week, about), and I found that loading it with products would weigh it down and make my hair need a wash sooner than I wanted.  So I just use aloe vera gel for treatment, shampoo and conditioner, and a leave in serum.

7. Paper Clutter.  Gosh it really does just accumulate.  For the house, it was mostly John's stuff.  I don't keep paper.  I helped him go through a lot of things he didn't need to keep and then organized the rest into a filing box.  As for myself, I went through my desk at the office.  That was brutal.  There were so many papers that were in there that weren't even from 2018.  That's the problem with those deep, long drawers.  Clutter hides.

8. Office Supplies.  I also worked on the supplies while I was sorting through my desk.  Most went back into the clerk area where office supplies are supposed to live.  But I did get rid of a lot, like dried up pens and white out.

9. (Crappy) Halloween Decor.  Halloween is our holiday and we've been getting the good stuff over the years.  Stuff that's well made and will last years.  So I was able to get rid of the crappy stuff that was made of paper or styrofoam or plastic.  No more of that type of waste going forward.

10. Hangers.  John occasionally has to get his uniform and dress uniform dry cleaned.  Read: funerals.  A year of too many of those, whomp.  Anyway, we got rid of all the dry clean hangers, right back to the dry cleaner.  I also got rid of any broken ones and ones that came from department stores and therefore didn't match ours.

11. Expired Items.  I didn't have too many in the bathrooms, besides sunscreen which expires quickly, but we did in the pantry.  It's part of the reason I did the pantry challenge, to try to clear more out and figure out what we had and a better system going forward.  Because throwing out food is the worst.  I'm determined for it not to happen again.

12. Miniature Products.  I just don't like or use them.  I mean both sample sizes and the minis that come in gift packs or as Sephora point perks.  I know a ton of people who love testing products this way, but I never remember to use things like this and often the small size annoys me in some way.  I gave away tons of these, I had some very happy friends.

13. Luggage.  As someone who hates flying and, honestly, travel in general, I don't know why I even owned a suitcase.  But wait.  I didn't own just one either, I owned two.  Two carry on suitcases.  In my defense, my mother bought them for me many years ago, but still.  I should not still have had them.  But now I don't!  I have a weekender bag, which is more than sufficient for my needs... because all of my wardrobe fits into the weekender bag, besides my winter coat and boots.  Not only that, John and I have made the decision to never get on a plane again, so anywhere we would go, we'd drive.  Carry on suitcases are just unnecessary to us.

14. Cleaning Supplies.  I tried to use up what we had and then not replace it.  I really downsized in terms how many products we use, because specialty products for every surface really aren't necessary when one or two good, natural ingredient products will do the same job.

15. Manuals.  Everything you could want to look up is online.  Other than when you first got the item, have you ever again referenced the manual?  I know I never did.  I finally convinced John of this too. All manuals are online.  Paper copies gotta go.

16. Dog Toys.  The little stinker would always make me feel bad when I tried to get rid of toys I knew she didn't play with.  I finally just did it when she wasn't home.  She has not noticed.  She still only plays with her one favorite toy, sometimes two.  There's still at least 7 in the box she doesn't touch, she's not deprived.  She's just not a toy-loving dog, and now the box isn't overflowing with nonsense no one uses.

17. Extra Bags and Purses.  Once John got me the purse I love so much that I mentioned yesterday, it made my other purses irrelevant.  I kept two, plus my weekender bag I mentioned, but other than that, out they went and I haven't considered them again since (well, until this post.)

18. Items Belonging to Other People.  This particular category was driving me bonkers for awhile there.  I had a bunch of things that needed to go back to my parents, John had tons to go to his, plus I had things I wanted to get to Tara and Betsy.  I finally got everything to their respective owners, not only freeing up my space again, but also my to do list.  Like a weight lifted.

What have you gotten rid of this year?  Are you looking to get rid of more in 2019?

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