Happy Christmas Eve + Winter Goals

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Merry Christmas Eve!  I hope you have the day off, like I do.  I love a good 4 day weekend, and I have one next weekend too, so I'm a happy camper.  Before I get totally into Christmas mode though, I have to close out my fall goals.  I still find it odd that fall goals are just now over and 'winter' goals are made at the end of December.  To me, winter started on December first but according to the calendar, nope.  It just started.  Although Betsy and Sara's link up was on Friday, I was still finishing out my 12 days of Christmas posts so I'm just catching up with my seasonal goals today.

Here's how I did on my fall goals:

✓ Complete an 'eat from the pantry' challenge.  Done, I did that in October.  I even kept going because I had more to work through and kept getting so much free food for my birthday.  January brings a Whole30 challenge, so I'm glad to have the pantry clear of temptations!

✓ Have a blog weekend with Betsy.  Due to all around holiday busy-ness, we just did it virtually instead of in person, but that still counts for us.  And we actually did it more than once, sometimes just a Sunday, but it added up to at least one full blog weekend.

✓ Create a video of our Halloween decor.  I'm counting this as done.  It wasn't as much of a 'done' video as I was intending, but it got posted to Instagram stories so that's good enough for me.  Next year we have even more decor to do (because we'll be having a party) and then I can get a really good video of everything.

✓ Complete 5 101 in 1001 list items.  The ones I complete were: #23. Do a fun activity for Halloween (corn maze), #83. Get new winter wear (my mom knitted me a scarf, that was the last thing I needed), #62. Install electrical in front for holiday lights (done just in time for Halloween), #22. Do a group costume for Halloween ('Scary Tales'), #24. Convince half my usual Christmas gift list people to stop doing gifts, #29. Make and analyze a new written budget, and #38. Beat Eric in fantasy football.  7!

✓ Go to Binny's for Black Friday with Eric.  He got everything he wanted and more, and I was able to get him his Christmas gift.  A man who loves craft beers is an easy man to shop for.  Except that I did, in fact, have to get to Binny's at 3 a.m.  Luckily it was the suburban location by parents house, which is totally civilized.  And by civilized I mean we put stuff out in line (folding chairs) to mark our spots, and then stayed in our cars until the doors opened at 9 a.m.  We were 4th in line, like crazy people.

✓ Complete Christmas shopping before December 1.  I was done so early.  Early November, even.  I mean, I think I had my tree up and presents under it by my birthday.  Which is before Thanksgiving.  It felt fantastic to be done so early, you can really enjoy December instead of being stressed or having to run to a store at the last minute.  I hope to be that early every year.

✓ Track daily spending.  I started using EveryDollar to budget electronically and it's been working really well to track what I've been spending.  I really wanted to make this a habit before 2019 so I could apply the knowledge to my upcoming goals, and I do think I've cemented the habit now.

✓ Go Wire to Wire at TBOX.  What a day!  We got up bright and early to start bar crawling at 9:30 a.m. and kept going until the band was playing at the last bar, and we did hit at least 12 bars.  I was exhausted the day after.  Tara's hangover didn't even hit her until 2 days later.

A solid 100% success rate, which I'm proud of.  Some of those were challenging!  Normally, now would be the time where I list out my winter goals, but I'm doing something a little different for 2019, as far as goal setting and blogging about it (hint: I got PowerSheets.)  That post will be coming next Monday, on New Year's Eve, and into next year.  Until then, Merry Christmas!

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