Monday, December 31, 2018

Some of My 2019 Plans

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It's New Year's Eve!  A holiday up there on my list with Halloween.  Okay, true, nothing is on par with Halloween.  But it's up there with the 4th of July and Kentucky Derby Day so that's pretty darn high.  (I like holidays that involve costumes and cocktails as opposed to presents and family obligations.)  I don't know about you, but I am very, very ready for the roll over into a new year.  2018 sucked.  I feel like it was possibly the worst year of my life, including that one when I was 7 and had massive kidney surgery and spent tons of time in the ICU and children's ward.  Because at least then there were cookies and a Mrs Pac Man machine.  So leaving 2018 behind and starting 2019 fresh tomorrow will be a great feeling.

So of course, I've made a ton of resolutions.  Well, goals really.  Somehow, the word 'resolution' seems to set people (me included) up for failure, whereas the word 'goal' keeps me motivated all year.  I'll actually have more on my goals and planning process tomorrow and throughout this week and next.  There's a lot!  But for now I wanted to share just a couple:

1. Plan ahead.  I let a lot of weekends in 2018 get away from me by not planning well enough.  Same with my budgeting.  I'll be planning ahead like a mad woman next year, and posting about it every first of the month on the blog to keep me accountable.  I'll be using my Simplified Planner along with some Erin Condren petite planners for meal planning and budgeting, and my Lara Casey PowerSheets, which are a goal planning pages.

2. Record more memories.  By posting to Instagram at least once a week.  I used to be much better about taking pictures.

3. Always add sprinkles.  Sprinkles make me smile, every time.  So this is just a small reminder of a much bigger goal - self care.  I spent most of this year taking care of other people, which was fine because they needed me.  But I also really need to start taking care of myself.  I'm also planning things like painting my nails, taking more weekends off from having any plans, finally finishing my Invisalign trays.  Lots of self care things.

4. Make more recipes.  We've been slacking on cooking at home and trying anything new.  There's so many adorable recipes in the Reese Witherspoon book I got, so I'm ready to make at least one of those and also a ton of Pioneer Woman ones.

5. Save $10,000 and use cash.  I really want to save $10,000 in one calendar year, but outside of anything that automatically goes to savings already (like I have to max out my Roth IRA with $6,000.  That $6,000 does not count towards my $10,000 goal.)  It's an arbitrary number but one that will push me to be much, much more mindful about my spending.  I'd also like to try using cash again.  It hasn't worked in the past so I'm willing to give up on it if it proves not to work again, but I'd like to give it a try one more time.

6. Fast weekly.  Fasting can be used as a tool for weight loss (which I am planning to work on as well) but it has a ton of health benefits outside of that.  Loads of science on it which is too much to get into here, but suffice it to say, I want to have at least one full 24 hour fasting day every week in 2019.  This is actually very easy since I already don't each breakfast and usually don't eat lunch either.

7. Complete a Whole 30 challenge.  Starting tomorrow, actually!  Tara and I decided January will be the best time because every other month has a drinking event.  A lot of foods have been making my stomach hurt lately, and I think I have a very big problem with sugar.  But you can't really know exactly what your issues are until you try an elimination diet, and Whole 30 is pretty straightforward. I still don't eat meat though so yes, it's going to be a month full of vegetables and eggs.  Bring it on.

Do you have any new year goals in mind yet?  Ready to say goodbye to 2018 as much as I am?  See you in 2019.  So, you know, tomorrow.

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