Tuesday, January 1, 2019

January Plan With Me

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Happy New Year!  And welcome, 2019, I'm glad to see you.  You need to perform better than 2018, or we're going to have words.  So, is anyone around today?  I have the day off of work but I'll be blogging and getting home related things done since I got a good night's sleep last night.  I think that's how you know you're old right, no longer feeling the need to stay up and party until midnight?  John had to work today at the firehouse, and he leaves for that before 6 a.m.  So we just didn't feel like staying up all night and being exhausted.  Instead, we celebrated the turn of the new year... on London time.  Which was 6 p.m. here in Chicago.  It worked for us! 

Anyway, it's finally 2019 and like I mentioned, 2018 is happily left in the dust for me.  I'm kicking this year off on the blog with the first of my monthly 'plan with me' posts, which I plan to have up every first week day of a new month.

Not that I think my plans are particularly interesting or anything.  In fact, they're probably the opposite, since I want to have tons of open weekends in 2019.  But I still like seeing how people loo ahead for their month, even if it's wildly different than my plans, so I thought you might like to see mine too.  It also keeps me accountable.  One of my top 10 2019 goals is to plan ahead.  If I commit to a monthly blog post on just that, it means I have to get the planning done before I can write the post.

Let me first get a few things out of the way: the planner I use, that has the monthly and weekly view, is the Emily Ley Simplified Planner.  The goal setting workbook is Lara Casey's PowerSheets.  The budget book and the meal planning book are Erin Condren Petite Planners.  And the pens I use are the Pilot G-2 in the .38 tip and the colored pens are the PaperMate Flair in the ultra fine tips.  I probably don't need all those different planners, but I really wanted to test everything out so for now, all of them are getting used.

On to my January plans:


My budget is very simple because I'm focused on a no spend 2019, but also particularly a no spend January.  I also don't budget for John's stuff, he handles that.  We're changing up some billing and things in March so my budget will be more complicated then, but for now, I'm keeping it simple and planning on spending nothing.  I do love that this little book as a spending log though, it's such a nice place to track things.


I'm doing Whole 30 this month with Tara, and incorporating a lot of fasting days, so this meal plan is just for John.  My diet will be much simpler.  This is the Erin Condren meal planner and as you can see, it's supposed to be one page per week.  I don't plan that way because we don't plan breakfast or lunch.  I don't eat breakfast and John always has the same things, and lunch is just leftovers.  Instead, I make each column one week, so I can get 3 weeks on one page.

The fasting days are when John is at the firehouse so I don't need to worry about him.  Everything is in pencil because it constantly changes!  We just make sure we have everything on hand for these meals and pick and choose what to have each day as the day comes.


This is probably my favorite section.  I'm loving my new power sheets.  I'll have more on my overall 2019 plans next week, but for now, the basic idea is that you plan out big, main goals for the year and then create these 'tending lists' each month to take baby steps towards the larger goals.  This is my January section.


The weekly planner is the one I use most often throughout the month, because I that's where I track things daily.  At the moment, I'm using the monthly spread to plan out blog posts.  I included a picture of the first week of January so you could see the layout, but mostly it's something I fill out each night before bed.

What do you have coming up this month?  What's your one main goal or big plan?

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