Thursday, January 31, 2019

Three on Thursday

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Welcome back to Three on Thursday, a weekly list of three things I'm loving at the moment that I think you should do, try, or buy.  If you're interested in past weeks and more recommendations, you can find those here.  If you make your own Three on Thursday list, please share it in the comments so I can check it out.


Portable Charger.  This is a John and Tara favorite, actually, but it's worth sharing.  Tara has had one for a long time, it's a little device you plug into the wall to charge and then it holds 4 full charges for your phone.  She would always bring it when we went out to fests and bar crawls, because it could charge everyone's phones if we needed to.  John had been complaining about his dying too quickly and there not being enough convenient outlets for charging at the firehouse or at his side job (construction, no outlets at all), so I asked Tara for the version she has and got him the same one for Christmas.  He's been obsessed ever since.  It charges quickly itself, and then charges the phones quickly too.  John just plugs it in and keeps on watching Netflix on his phone at the firehouse when things are slow, and listens to YouTube videos while at the side job.  I personally just don't use my phone that much that it dies in one day, but if you do, you'll love this little thing.


White Noise Machine.  I've been using this little guy since I got him in December.  Houses are close in Chicago, and we go to bed pretty early since we get up early, and I always hear the neighbors' dogs at night.  I also always hear the noise, even with ear plugs, of John and his brother playing video games on the weekends until 3 a.m.  This thing drowns everything out.  It has something like 20 different fan noises and white noise options, though I stick with just the first one.  I personally love the fan noises - I can't have white noise machine recordings, like when it's a recording of the sound of rain or a waterfall or something, because it loops, and my brain will always find the looping pattern and wait for the restart, like a crazy person, and it'll keep me awake.  This is actual fan noise so there is no loop.  Plus it has a 60 minute option so it'll automatically turn off after I'm asleep.  I'm amazed how well it works.


Wall Hanging.  I love this thing.  John got it for me for Christmas, and it's now hanging in our kitchen.  That is all.

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