Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Word of the Year and More 2019 Plans

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My word of the year came to me right away, before I even made any other notes or goals.  Not really sure how that happened, but it popped into my head and then I had to figure out why, and just embrace it.  I figure it came out of the depths of my psyche somewhere, in response to the rough year that was 2018.

It's not a secret that I hated last year.  A lot of bad happened, of course, but even besides those major life events, the whole year left me with an uneasy, unsettled, overwhelmed feeling.  Like my life was filled with way too much nonsense.  Too much noise.  Halfway through the year I adopted my 'simplify everything' mindset, which I've been holding to ever since.  Simplifying is something I'll be continuing in 2019 (and probably forever.  I like a simple, slow-paced life.)  It works well for me - I feel myself put up mental roadblocks every time I come across something that's 'too much.'  Every time I saw a blog post in December titled 'How to Survive Christmas' or 'Plan an Escape Vacation,' I definitely felt myself resisting, wondering why I would bother participating in a holiday I felt like I had to survive, or living a life I felt like I needed to escape from?  No thanks.  I'd rather take the time to change whatever makes me feel that way and edit my life into something that doesn't have all that noise and doesn't need surviving or escaping.  Which brought me to:



I think 'edit' goes well with simplifying things, but it takes it a step farther.  Ordering out every night would be incredibly simple, because I wouldn't have to cook or grocery shop or do dishes.  But it's not the best use of my finances or time, and it's not healthy.  So rather than opt for this absolute simplest option, what I really need to do is edit.  Edit down my list of meals to make at home to ones that are both simple and healthy, so I'm more likely to cook them.  Instead of buying the easiest to acquire and cheapest clothes at Target, I want to edit my wardrobe to only things that I love, and take the time (and extra money) to find the quality pieces that are exactly what I want.  Does that make sense?  Not just jump right to the simplest option but to edit my options and plans to find the best.  Edit something straight out of my life altogether if it's not serving me anymore, even if it is simple.  It's a little hard to explain but it makes sense in my head.

So that's my guiding word of the year, edit.  I kept it in mind when I made my 2019 plans and I taped it to my planner so I remember it as I schedule out my weeks and months. 

Of course, I also used the PowerSheets to funnel all my ideas down into my top 10 main goals:


Self Care
I cared for a lot of other people in 2018.  My mom had a hip replacement, my dad had a small heart attack, my uncle killed himself (I know that's dark but I hate saying 'died' like it was an accident), John's grandfather died... it was a hell of a year.  And I needed to take care of other people but it definitely did not leave me time to take care of myself, pretty much in any way.  So this year I have a list of self care things that I want to include more often, including 'hermit' weekends (where I have zero plans), painting my nails, finishing my invisalign trays, things like that.

Goal Weight
I did well in 2017 but yeah, 2018 kind of went out the window for all the reasons above.  Definitely ate crap.  I'm a good 20 (25?) lbs over what I should be for my height but my goal is lower than that so I have my work cut out for me.

Fast Weekly
There's a ton of health benefits that come with prolonged fasting, so I would like to get in at least one 24 hour fast each week.  I already talked about this one last week.


Save $10,000
I want to save $10,000 in one calendar year, outside of what already goes to my Roth IRA (which is capped at $6,000 for 2019) and other savings/investment account automated deposits.  Which means being intentional with my spending, no matter how small the purchase.  So far so food, we're 9 days into the year and I haven't spent any money so I'm feeling dedicated.

No Spend Year
This is something I also did well with at the beginning of last year and then just... ditched.  I plan on being better about it this year, and not spending money is honestly something I already excel at.  But I still want to make it a defined, trackable goal.  I planned out rough monthly budgets for the entire year, so I think I have a good plan in place for not buying any nonsense, and also for knowing ahead of time when I have more expensive events coming up.  Since I also have monthly 'plan with me' posts scheduled, like the one I posted on the 1st of January, that include a look at my budget and spending tracker, you'll be able to see exactly what I spend my money on this year.


Quality Family Time
I mostly mean me, John, and Hawkeye.  But quality time with my parents too.  We often revert to nights in watching Netflix, which we both love of course, but I want to put a little more planning into it.  Try some new places, take Hawkeye on more walks together, keep the phones out of sight more.

House to Home
This is something I've been working on but we have more plans to continue this project this year.  Essentially, we want to make our house more 'homey', something that really has our personal touches on it, but without just filling it with clutter.  And making sure it has our big projects finished, like installing a back deck (March!)  I think the basement looks much more homey, now that we rearranged it to accommodate John's new 82 inch TV.  That was on my Instagram stories, if you missed it.

I enjoy having people over, so I want to do more of it this year.  We like having parties of course, and Tara comes into town a few times a year, but I also mean just having happy hours regularly.  And having the house clean and snacks/drinks on hand for guests who just drop by (mostly John's family.)


Plan Ahead
I love planners (obviously) but I definitely didn't use them to the best of my ability last year, which is why I was so easily able to ditch my health and financial goals.  I think I've planned ahead well financially and for big plans (no vacations this year but John's brother is getting married in May and we're having a big Halloween party in October, things like that), but I know that I don't plan as well on a smaller scale, like week to week meal planning or checking in monthly with long term goals, like everything on this list.

Finish Projects
Starting is my favorite because there's so much motivation and excitement.  But I need to work on follow through and actually finishing things.  That's why I commit goals lists to blog posts and create 101 in 1001 lists.  I have to follow up.  No resolution quitting by February for this girl.

What are your main goals for 2019?  Have you outlined the baby steps to get you there?  Do you have a word of the year?

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