Friday, February 1, 2019

February Plan With Me

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Is it just me, or did January feel like it had 74 days?  I'm not complaining, I actually like January as a month and it's been negative degrees cold, which I also enjoy, so a long January is fine for me but man, it just seems like New Year's Eve was months ago.

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January budget went according to plan, though I did change around what funds were earmarked for, which is reflected in how I planned February too.  Basically, I decided to front load all 'sinking funds.'  A sinking fund is just the term for saving money each month for a specific event, like Christmas.  Rather than needing to come up with $500 in December, you put aside a smaller amount each month so it doesn't hurt so much, and so you don't wind up putting things on credit.  I found that, since I have less expenses in these early months, that it's just easier to save the money into these sinking funds now, and then throw everything extra for the rest of the year towards my long term savings goals, like retirement.  Then I don't need to take each fund and divide by how many months and remember to plan for it each time - it's just done.  I know a lot of people separate these out into separate checking accounts, or cash envelopes, but I don't.  It's all sitting in my main checking and I use EveryDollar to remind me how much is there and why.

Here's my spending tracker for January:

I did a no spend month, so that's why there's so few items.  And I should note that I spent $146 at the grocery on December 31, so that's where the food spending was.  We did eat a lot of pantry items though, and John bought a few things last week for some meals he wanted to make.

So here's what's in February.  Again the plan is simple because we aren't making changes to bills and billing until March.


John is officially on furlough.  This is not government shut down furlough, though.  For the Chicago fire department, furlough is a nice thing - you get 21 days off in a row and you still get paid.  You get this 3 times a year (essentially it's so they don't have to pay overtime, but they're so understaffed that they still do so, whatever, CFD, like all government run things in Chicago, is super fucking inefficient and makes no sense), and although they aren't always in a row, John's are.  So yes, he has 63 paid days off in a row.  Of course, this just means he's spending more time at his side job, the construction job.  It does mean more meal planning and prepping at home though, because usually he's gone at least 48 hours in a given week and now he's home for all meals.  We did just the first two weeks to see how much we really need to be cooking.


I'm still having so much fun with my PowerSheets.  I'm glad I got them this year, they really make me feel motivated and help me track things.  I love coloring in the boxes.  Like a child.  Here's how January went:

Not perfect, but I did really well on my two main goals - Whole 30 and not using my debit or credit card at all.  I think that I can only concentrate on so many things to perfection at any given time, so I just naturally don't do as well on some things.  Which is fine, Whole 30 is hard enough!  Here's what I'm thinking for February goals:


I'm enjoying the blog plan laid out in this monthly view, it's easy for me to keep track of this way.  In the weekly planner section, I mostly write out my to do list each day.

How is your February shaping up?  Any big plans for the month?

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