Monday, February 11, 2019

Things to Declutter This Month

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Did you watch the Marie Kondo Netflix show and declutter your entire house top to bottom?  I know it lit a fire under pretty much everyone's ass, so I wouldn't be surprised.  That tiny, adorable Japanese woman has wormed her way into American hearts and convinced everyone to tidy their lives.  I like it.

1. Worn out or half lost winter gear.  Spring is close to being in sight.  Closer for some than others, but still, the extra winter gear is almost unneeded.  If you really wore something out, or lost a single glove, just let it go.  I mentioned last week that next weekend is a huge sale time for winter wear, so declutter anything that's not going to survive the season and replace it.

2. Winter clothes you didn't wear.  It's hard to declutter out of season.  In the middle of summer, you convince yourself that you need every sweater and you'll be wearing them all once the weather is cooler.  Well, it's cooler.  If you still haven't worn it, you most likely won't.  It's probably itchy or ill-fitting, and you have plenty of clothes without.  Bye.

3. Extra bedding.  Sometimes, we hold on to extra bedding because of the idea of future guests.  But December is the main time of year for hosting people, so if you didn't need all the extras then, you probably won't.

4. Expired medication.  Had a December or January illness?  A lot of people did, John included.  Get rid of any medication that's no longer good.

5. Empty boxes and other recycling.  The Christmas presents are all unwrapped and unboxed by now, moved into their new homes.  Same if you got a new TV on sale, like we did.  Get all the empty boxes out to the recycling, where they belong.

6. Valentine's Day cards, candy, and decor.  Well, not quite yet, but later this month, that'll be a good area to tackle.  Kids always come home from school with a ton of cards, trinkets, and candy.  I'm sure there will be plenty to declutter, along with any decor that you didn't end up using.

What are you decluttering this month?

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