Monday, February 18, 2019

Ways to Organize This Month

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I'm hoping February can be as organized as January.  Everyone gets the organizing bug in January, it's usually a new year resolution.  But getting fully organized is a process, it won't happen in a month.  A month isn't enough time, usually, to organize everything in a home but it's also definitely not enough time to change habits that you need to stay organized.  Hopefully these few ideas will help you out this month and into your very organized future.

1. Photos.  Especially with the digital versions, photos can easily get out of hand.  Commit to sorting through just 2018 photos, because they're still fresh in your mind.  Print anything that needs to be printed and put them in albums or frames.  Delete anything extra.  For anything you're saving, either in print or digital, take the time now to label everything with name and dates, before you forget.  Organize them neatly into labeled folders.

2. Medicine cabinet.  Since you went through the effort to declutter it, take the time to now organize it nicely.  It should be less stuffed since all the expired medications are gone, so you can make a list of what's still in there and what you need to stop for.  Group like items together so everything is easy to find.  If you regularly stock a lot in there, you may want to create an inventory list.  And if your medicine cabinet is currently in the bathroom, use this time to move it out.  The heat and humidity from the shower causes medications to lose their effectiveness much faster.  Store these in the kitchen or a hallway closet instead.

3.  Linen closet.  If you also worked on decluttering the linens after the holidays, that will be another easy area to get organized.  Collect everything into one location to be stored so you can make sure you have complete sets of towels and bedding.  If you aren't great at folding fitted sheets, just do the best you can and then store it and the top sheet inside the matching pillowcase - your less than ideal folding job won't even be visible!

4. Car emergency kits and the rest of the car interior.  It's easy to just toss stuff into the trunk or back seat when the weather is crappy, just in case you might need it.  And it is a good idea to have the basics, beyond a spare tire - ice scrapers, blankets, flashlights, kitty litter for tire traction, etc.  But it's also a good idea to keep this stuff organized and know exactly what you have in there, well before you actually need it.  There are a ton of lists on Pinterest about what to store in your car, so I recommend using one of those as a checklist and getting a storage box for everything that can live in your trunk.  While you're in there, take the time to organize the rest of the car interior, making sure you know where the registration and insurance information is.

5. Sort through the freezer and pantry.  If you spent January working through leftovers, this is a good time to organize what's left and set up a game plan for going forward.  Line things up neatly so you can see everything in the freezer, and clearly mark when it needs to be used by.  Reorganize the pantry so it makes sense to you, keeping like items together and moving the goods that are close to expiration towards the front so you remember to use them up.

What are you looking to get organized this month?

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