Monday, February 4, 2019

Ways to Save This Month

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I saw a ton of 'no spend January' goals last month.  If that was you, how did it go?  I hope you saved a ton.  But whether you were successful or not, I have more ideas for you for this month to continue saving money in 2019:

1. Eat leftovers.  Super Bowl party food is just as good today as it was yesterday.  Embrace it.

2. Buy the leftover snack foods.  Just like any other holiday, the stuff marked for the Super Bowl is now on sale.  Especially if you live in one of the areas of either team, there was a ton of branded merchandise available that's now 50% off or more.  Good time to get things like chips, salsa, pretzels, nuts, and other snack type foods.

3. Skip Valentine's Day or at least plan it for a different day.  Valentine's Day is so expensive and totally arbitrary.  I recommend skipping it, or doing something small.  Even better, plan it for a different day!  You would not believe the prices on things like flowers on February 14 versus February 13 or 15.  It's insane.  The same goes for dinners - so expensive on the 14th.  And they're usually fixed menu, which I hate since I'm such a picky eater.  I never like at least 2 things on a fixed menu, which makes it totally pointless.  It's the same food the restaurant serves the whole rest of the month, so just celebrate a different day.  Massive savings to be had.

4. Shop post Valentine's Day grocery sales.  Meat and seafood.  And I guess chocolates, if you want.  But for the crowd that cooks at home, grocery stores stock up on meat (steak) and seafood, which then goes on sale on February 15 so they can clear out their inventory before it goes bad.  Just means you can freeze it!

5. Buy bras and underwear.  Lingerie is a super cliche Valentine's Day gift but that means that all bras and underwear are on sale and you might as well take advantage because that shit is expensive but also necessary.

6. Shop on President's Day, if necessary.  I never recommend buying things if you don't need it, but the fact is that President's Day is a big sales holiday, for some reason, for TVs (also on sale now, post-Super Bowl), appliances, mattresses, and winter clothes.  Don't ask me, I don't know why, but that's what it is.  It's Monday the 18th, by the way, in case your winter coat is on it's last leg.

7. Do your taxes.  Doing your own taxes means not paying for a tax preparer but instead paying for a tax software (if you can't file free), which are 50% off in February as opposed to waiting longer and longer until you're paying full price.

8. Do a no spend month.  People like picking February as a no spend month because it's the shortest number of days.  Hey, if that motivates you, do it!  Any day you don't spend money is a huge win.

9. Look for local deals.  In places where the weather is cold (Chicago), there's deals for just about every restaurant and form of entertainment, because business is slow.  No one wants to leave their house in the cold, so businesses suffer and therefore offer big discounts in order to get you in their doors.  If you've wanted to try something that's been otherwise too expensive, look for a deal now.  If you can't find one, just ask, they may be happy to offer it.  That's what John did with archery.  I want to be Katniss so we just called the archery place and asked when they're slow (now) and asked for a discount to come then.  50% off later, it's a way cooler Valentine's Day date than a fixed menu overpriced dinner, let me tell you.

How are you saving money this month?

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