Monday, February 25, 2019

Ways to Simplify This Month

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I hope something on this list will spark an idea for you to simplify your month.

1. Delete something from your to do list.  I love the motivation of the new year as much as anyone but if you're finding yourself a little burnt out at the end of two months of working on too many goals, it's okay to reassess.  It's not failing, it's just re-prioritizing.  And it's necessary for your sanity.  Pick one thing to drop from the list this month.  It doesn't mean you have to drop it forever, just for right now.

2. Invest in the right umbrella.  We're approaching rainy season so this isn't as strange of a suggestion as it sounds at first.  The best way to simplify your life is to figure out the tiny things that make it difficult on a day to day basis and do what you need to do to fix it.  Does umbrella constantly turn inside out?  Break, block your view?  Just stop putting up with it.  Spend the money and get the right umbrella and simplify this one little thing.

3. And a new shovel.  If your system of snow removal drove you nuts this past winter, stop it.  Get yourself a shovel that doesn't kill your back, or the snowblower you really want.  Invest in the pet-safe salt so you can finally use it without worrying about walking your dog.  The bonus is that these things will also be on sale.

4. Set up automated reminders.  I use my google calendar for this.  If you're going to go through the effort of writing down birthdays and other important events, do it on an electronic calendar so you can set automated reminders every year and never have to do this task again.  If your bills aren't auto paid, you can do this monthly for bills as well.  I love anything you can set just once and forget about.

5. Single task.  Women especially love to multitask.  We think we can wash dishes while cooking dinner while watching Netflix while the laundry runs while we take out the trash... it's exhausting just to read that.  I love watching Netflix while I fold clothes but if you have two different tasks that both require thought, you won't be present for either of them if you do them at the same time.  Try single tasking.  Walk the dog without headphones in.  Read a book without constantly getting up to start the next home care task.  Just do one thing at a time, and fully commit to it.

6. Watch a minimalism or sustainability documentary.  These are so motivating when you want to simplify your own life, plus you learn new things.  The documentary Minimalism is on Netflix and will help you see all the benefits of simplifying.  And ones like True Cost, Cowspiracy, No Impact Man, and Fed Up will help you simplify everything from your wardrobe to your diet.

7. Or read a book about it.  If the movie versions aren't your thing, you can also read a book about all of those topics.

8. Clear everything off your desktop.  I mean that for both your physical desk and for the desktop on your laptop.  Cluttered surfaces tend to cause chaos in my mind.  My life seems so much more simple when I'm not overwhelmed by 'stuff' when I sit down to work or open my computer.

Are you simplifying anything this month?

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