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101 in 1001 (and Other Goals) Check In - It's a Big One

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I'm just about to hit the 1 year mark on my 101 in 100 list.  The 101 goals I made to accomplish in 1001 days, which is 2.75 years.  So I'm just over 1/3 of the way through my time frame, which seemed like a good time to check in on my progress.

101 in 1001

My entire 101 list can be found here, so you can see what's done and in progress versus still left to even start.  I'm currently at 54 completed out of 101, so halfway done with more than half the time frame left, that's pretty good.  I won't list everything I've done (you can check that website for those details), but here's a few highlights:

I checked off a ton of 'celebrate' and 'blog' related things.  And 'read/watch', of course.  The blog section was easy since I scaled back absolutely everything, and celebrate seems to always be an easier section for me because I love themes and parties so much.  The read/watch section was probably irrelevant because I clearly did not need a list to motivate me to get those things done - it was probably the first section I completed.

The 'health' and 'learn' sections need... work.  These are barren areas, let me tell you.  I quickly checked off switching to all natural products, that was easy for me since I only had a few left that weren't.  The only other health goal I completed was to quit fast food, and as a vegetarian I've never been much of a fast food junkie anyway, just Taco Bell.  So yes, I had to avoid Taco Bell for months in order to check this off the list, but I've been okay with that.  Oh and I checked off 'stop ordering in,' but that's been more of a financial decision and still a work in progress.  But the others in the health section, I just haven't touched much.  Same with the learn section.  I've been really resistant to dive into anything there, even though they are still things I want to do.  For some reason, I just don't have the motivation to do them now.  But it's on my mind.

19 in 2019

One specific 101 goal to note is that I had reserved one for 2019, to make a new goal for this year.  Instead, I made 19 new goals under that one, which I started in the fall of last year:

✓ 1. Attend TBOX in costume - Completed December 2018
2. Track all purchases and gifts for 1 year - In Progress
✓ 3. Curate Pinterest - Completed August 2018
✓ 4. Film home tour on Instagram stories - Completed August 2018
✓ 5. Maintain $10,000 in checking account - Completed March 2019
6. Mostly quit online shopping - In Progress
✓ 7. Close PayPal account - Completed September 2018
✓ 8. Curate Twitter - Completed September 2018
✓ 9. Work through A Simplified Life - Completed October 2018
✓ 10. Complete Tess Wick's Money Program - Completed September 2018
✓ 11. Complete a version of Whole30 - Completed January 2019
12. Buy glitter cowboy boots
✓ 13. Send a newsletter - Completed September 2018
14. Start and get halfway through Project 3000 - In Progress (1081/3000)
✓ 15. Make at least 1 Reese Witherspoon recipe - Completed February 2018
16. Spend less than $100 on all beauty and personal care items in 2019 - In Progress ($0/$100)
17. Spend 1 weekend without technology or (most) modern conveniences
18. Fast at least 1 full day every week in 2019 - In Progress
19. Record more memories by posting to Instagram at least weekly in 2019 - In Progress

I've definitely made good progress on these and although some go the length of these year, I'm at least still on track for all of them.


Also, at the beginning of the year (so I've been working on them just for 3 months) I posted about 10 main goals for the year that I outlined in my goal setting notebook, the PowerSheets.

Self Care - this has been going particularly well.  I left every weekend in January totally free so I could stay in my home and do my own things.  It was amazing.  I wasn't able to do the same in February or March, but I still did schedule in a lot of downtime.  I've done other things too, like painting my nails and doing sheet masks, wearing my Invisalign trays (sometimes), so I feel like I have a better handle on self care so far this year than compared to last year.

Goal Weight - getting there!  I haven't been trying too hard on this one, but I haven't been totally ignoring it either.  I'm sure it would go faster if I stepped up my game, but it's just not a priority at the moment.  Slow and steady, I guess.

Fast Weekly - that's also on the list above and I've been sticking to it.  I find it pretty easy to do actually.

Save $10,000 - I just checked this one off(!), thanks in no small part to the fact that I've spent nothing outside of bills and groceries for 3 months now.  Which brings me to:

No Spend Year - my spending tracker for January is here and February's is here.  The one for March will be up on Monday.  But yes, I've been very successful about the no spend year.  I've only spent money on bills and groceries.  Well, and dog grooming and ordering contacts, but I would consider those more like bills than unnecessary spending.  It is easier in the cooler months, since I find that most of my discretionary spending is done while drinking outdoors in the summer, to be honest.  Hopefully I'll still be successful in this goal in the next few months.

Quality Family Time - I just wanted to spend more time with John and Hawkeye, other than watching Netflix.  We did well at this so far.  John and I have tried a bunch of new places and taken Hawkeye on more walks.  We've also taken her to my parents' house and his parents' to play with all their dogs and spend time with them.  Plus we helped his sister move into her new home and helped my mom when she got her hip surgery so it's been all about the family these past 3 months.

House to Home - Well John got a new giant ass TV, if that counts?!  We did rearrangement the basement nicely, and he did clean out the furnace room and decluttered a bunch, so he did well.  I've been working on things here and there, and I've been able to get a good start on the full home inventory I want to do. And we almost have a deck, which is the main 'house to home' project for this year.

Hospitality - I haven't worked on this too much other than having everyone over for the Super Bowl, but that's to be expected in the cold months.  People just want to stay in their own homes and hibernate.  Of course John's brother comes over a lot, but I like to say he 'doesn't count.'

Plan Ahead - Kicking butt at this obviously, and my monthly 'plan with me' posts help a ton with that since I have an audience I'm accountable to.  I find this is helps with all my other goals too, because I save so much money by planning, and I'm able to schedule things like self care and family time.

Finish Projects - I'm doing better at this.  There's still some lingering things on my lists, but in general, I'm getting things actually finished, like the things on these various goals lists.  Some stuff just takes longer, but I'm not finding that I start something and then forget about it for months like I used to, so this one is a win so far and a work in progress.

Big Goal That's Almost Done

#9 on my 101 in 1001 list is about to be checked off, in just over 2 weeks from now - I got a new job!  It's a pay raise with benefits and I'll be much, much closer to home.  I accepted the offer and my last day at my current job is Friday.  Then I'll be taking two weeks off to enjoy life before starting on April 15.  Yay!

And that's the update, so far at least.  Do you have any goals you're working on?  How's your progress coming?

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