A Guide to Staying Safe on the Road

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Drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians need to be very aware of the road at all times. Cars might be convenient, but they are also extremely dangerous, and whether you’re inside the vehicle or outside of it, there are some very clear dangers that should be avoided at all costs. 

The more aware that you are of the dangers, the easier it will be to avoid them, and by doing so you reduce your risk of potentially life-changing accidents. Staying safe on the road means protecting yourself, so here are the most important things to keep in mind at all times. 

Tiredness Kills 

Never get behind the wheel of your car if you are feeling fatigued. If you are on a long journey, remember to schedule in rest breaks. The less alert you are, the more likely that you will make a mistake that can lead to an accident. 

Avoid Alcohol 

Even a small amount of alcohol will affect your judgment and response times. Don’t just stick to the legal requirements. If you know that you are going to be driving, skip the alcohol and drink something safer. 

Keep Your Distance 

When you pass your driving test, you develop an in-built awareness of how close is too close when it comes to other vehicles on the road. As you gain more confidence, it’s tempting to drive closer to those other vehicles. Hold back. The closer you get to others on the road, the less time you have to react in response to sudden changes, and that can be catastrophic. 

Pedestrian Awareness 

If you’re on foot or riding a bicycle, then you need to keep aware of road safety as well. That means following the basics of road safety: 
  • Use designated areas to cross busy roads: pedestrian crossing, traffic lights, and underpasses.
  • Wait for traffic to stop before crossing a road
  • Don’t cross between parked vehicles as this will hinder your view and your visibility to drivers
  • Keep looking at the road in all directions when you are crossing
  • Wear bright clothing if possible 

Know Your Rights 

Should the worst happen and you are involved in an accident involving a car, you may be entitled to some form of compensation. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you should know the compensation guidelines for personal injury; from whiplash to bone fractures or something more serious, getting compensation can make your life easier as you go through your recovery time. 

Be Patient 

The most important thing to remember as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, is patience. Roads and cars need to be treated with the respect that they deserve, so it’s vital that you remain patient. Even in the worst traffic jams, or when you're racing to a job interview and the traffic is too busy to cross the road safely, be patient. Stay calm and remember that cars can do a lot of damage to the human body. 

Despite the improvements in car safety, accidents happen every day. Make sure that you keep as safe as possible by keeping a healthy level of awareness of the potential road dangers.

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