Friday, March 1, 2019

March Plan With Me

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Ready to plan for March?

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February was another successful no spend month in the books, so 2019 is off to a good start, financially.  Here's my spending tracker:

March is where we'll be moving some things around so I'll be paying the utility bills to make things slightly easier on John (instead of giving him one lump sum of money at the beginning of each month.)  I'm a better planner and tracker, clearly.  So here's what March's budget is looking like:

Although I don't have much on the calendar at the moment for March, we're getting into the time when there are a few nice days (always St. Patrick's Day weekend, it's like Chicago WANTS us to go out and bar crawl in the sunshine - which we pay for dearly the next week, when it drops back down to snow temps.)  I anticipate people wanting to do things, so I'm not sure my no spend intentions will go as smoothly as they did in January and February.  But I'm ready!


This is what the meal plan looks like for the next 3 weeks.  I don't have the ingredients and shopping list made yet, because I'm going shopping either tomorrow or Sunday so I have time to check what we have in the pantry and freezer first so I can plan accordingly.


Here's how February came along in terms of my goals:

Definitely not the best I've done, but not the worst.  I've been on top of all things financial the last two months, but I didn't think as much about losing 1 pound per week like I was planning to.  I'll try a little harder at this goal in March.  Here's the other March goals I've got planned:

There's one main project I'm working on for March, but I can't share about it just yet.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks there will be more finalized and then I can share, and it'll also shape what the rest of the month's goals look like, which is why they're a bit sparse at the moment.


Well I have the monthly overview at least, which is just where I list out my blog posts:

I haven't been using the weekly tracking area as much, for some reason.  I go through phases where I use it every day and write everything down, and then other phases where I rely more on my google calendar and my goal tracker.  But I do plan on using the weekly areas for March, so I think next month I'll have more to share about how those look.

How is March looking for you?  Big plans for the start of spring?

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