Monday, March 11, 2019

Things to Declutter This Month

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Looking to declutter some things this month?  Here's a few ideas:

Toxic cleaning supplies.  March is spring clean time!  Which I happen to love.  But if you're going to do it, don't do it with toxic chemical cleaning supplies.  Those are totally unnecessary for getting your home clean.  You don't need synthetic dyes and fragrances and endocrine system disrupting antibacterial agents when simple vinegar, baking soda, and lemons will clean just about every inch of your home.  A lot of cleaning product companies are also guilty of 'green-washing,' where they engage in marketing practices that make you think they're a much more eco-friendly company than they actually are.  Some of these include Dawn, Simple Green, and Method.  Declutter these and make the environmentally friendly switch.

Broken or extra cleaning tools and appliances.  You'll find these right away when you start cleaning.  If you have broken vacuum adaptions, extra dusters, and 27 rubber gloves, you can let these things go.

Clothes you don't wear.  This is also an ideal time for a wardrobe re-assess since the seasons are changing.  If you didn't wear that bulky sweater all winter long, you're not going to.  If you're pulling out spring and summer pieces that you didn't even wear last year, those can go to.

Old jewelry you don't wear.  Since each individual piece of jewelry takes up so little space in your home, it can be hard to declutter.  It's not an annoyance taking up precious real estate like an overstuffed closet is.  But if you're constantly shifting through stuff you don't wear or can't find pieces you love, then take the time to declutter and donate all the stuff you just don't wear anymore.

Shoes that have seen better days.  Once you tackle the clothes portion of your closet, shoes are easy.  Declutter anything you completely worn out during the winter season.  Check all of your spring and summer shoes and declutter anything that's seen better days or won't match any of the clothing you decided to keep.

Anything expired in the kitchen.  Deep pantries are notorious for hiding expired products.  Some grains just aren't as shelf stable as you think they are.  Even canned goods could be hiding in there that are past their dates, even though they're about two years.  Go through absolutely everything and check the date.  If it's relatively close to the date and you know you won't use it, donate it to a food pantry or nearby soup kitchen, they'll get it to someone who can use it soon.

Anything expired in the bathroom.  I think makeup lasts longer than their listed expiration dates but you can still tell when something is no longer any good.  The same is true of shampoos and soaps.  Take the time to go through the contents of your bathroom and declutter anything that's past it's prime.  Pay close attention to sample and travel sizes, as these good bad much quicker than full sized products.

Old toothbrushes.  If you haven't changed your toothbrush yet in 2019, it's time.

Dead plants.  It happens.  If you tried and it just didn't make it, it's time to declutter.

What will you be decluttering this month?  Anything on your list?

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