Monday, March 18, 2019

Ways to Organize This Month

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Here are a few ways to organize this March during your spring cleaning:

Create a cleaning caddy.  If you're working on spring cleaning now or next month, make yourself a cleaning caddy (or two) with all the essentials you need.  This makes it so much easier to move from room to room while keeping all your supplies with you.  It'll also help you realize what you don't need or have too much of, so you'll stop buying it in the future.

Organize closets and drawers.  Of course this was on the declutter list so once you've done that, it's time to organize what's left.  The Marie Kondo way is to fold everything but I still mostly hang my stuff.  I only wear dresses so those are better suited for hanging.  I keep them separate by season but from there, I don't have a system.  There's only 6 for spring and summer, and 6 for fall and winter, it's not like it gets disorganized in there!  I do fold John's things the Marie Kondo way though, and it's definitely the best.  You can watch her Netflix series or instructional videos on YouTube to see how to do it, but it's just about folding pieces into smooth, symmetrical rectangles so that everything can be lined up in drawers similar to a filing system.  You're able to see every shirt at once this way.

Organize your jewelry collection.  There are a lot of ways to do this but the main goal is to be able to see what you have and put it away easily.  If it's too complicated, you'll just leave your jewelry on the top of the dresser.  Right now I have a Stackers jewelry box.  I also think hooks and stands are a good idea for necklaces, so nothing gets tangled.  You could also attach a cork board to your wall and hang things with push pins, making it jewelry storage and a display piece all in one.

Create new shoe storage.  Shoes are another thing that need to be stored in terms of how easy it is to put things away, otherwise you'll just end up with a shoe pile at the bottom of your closet.  I know some people love the look of each pair in their own clear shoe box, but it's just not going work long term because you need to get that box down to put the shoes back in every single day.  It's just not going to happen.  I keep a shoe mat at the front door because that's where we take shoes off and we generally wear the same ones each day.  I also have a simple tiered storage system in the front closet so we can store the other stuff we have.  There are also hanging cubbies for a closet and flat, divided containers to slide under the bed, if those systems suit your needs better.

Reorganize the kitchen cabinets.  It's so easy for cabinets to get out of control because they can be pretty deep considering how small packaged food items are in comparison.  I highly recommend getting some kind of storage solutions to help streamline these areas.  I like a tiered riser for spices, but you could get a spinning spice rack.  We don't have many canned products, but if you do you might want a storage rack that can rotate them for you.  I also like having wire baskets inside our cabinets so I can contain things like onions and potatoes, and my mom has one on the counter for fruit.  If you find yourself frustrated by a certain aspect of your kitchen cabinets, I promise there's a storage solution out there for it.

Organize under the kitchen sink.  This can get so cluttered, so fast.  It's usually because it's the default space for too many things.  We keep our recycle bin, dishwasher detergent, dish soap and brush, and some microfiber towels.  That's it, since we keep cleaning supplies in our laundry room.  To house the few things we do keep under the kitchen, I have a shelf system where the bottom basket slides out for easy access.  I like these for under bathroom sinks too.

Set up the shower area.  Cluttered bottles on the corners of bathtubs are the worst, everything falls over all the time and makes the room look messy.  Get a proper storage system for the things that need to be kept in the shower.  Personally, I love the corner systems with shelves.  But I know some people prefer the ones that hang over the shower head.  Whichever you choose will be better than no storage at all.

What are you going to get organized this month?

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