Monday, March 4, 2019

Ways to Save This Month

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Ready to save this spring?  Here are a few ways to save in March:

Give up an expensive vice for Lent.  Which starts Wednesday, by the way.  Technically yes, this is a religious time, but I don't think you need to be religious to give up something for 40 days.  This particular 40 day span just means you'll have more support around you.  So take that time to give up an expensive vice - smoking, drinking, ordering takeout, shopping in Target without a list - you know the way in which you waste money on something totally unnecessary, so make the attempt to go without it for the next 40 days.

Skip the March Madness pools.  Unless you win every year, you're losing money.  I know it's fun but why not make one without the money on the line?  I do a bet with John, so whoever has more points at the end gets something non-monetary, but that's just as easy to plan with a group of friends.  Play for candy or a trophy or even go out to dinner afterward and have everyone pay towards the winner's meal.  At least that way you're still getting food out of the deal.

Stay in on St. Patrick's Day.  To be frank, I probably won't do this one myself.  But it's an option!  St. Patrick's Day can be an expensive day to celebrate, if you decide to partake in all the festivities - you'll need transport to and from a parade or bar, green beer, traditional Irish food, green clothing, etc.  Save by limiting how many of those things you do, or just skip it altogether.  I know it's not as big a holiday in other places as it is here in Chicago or say, Boston, so if it's not a favorite for you, don't bother.

Check in on your air conditioner.  It costs way, way more to get it serviced in the middle of summer.  Now is the perfect time to call someone out to check in on it and make sure it's ready for the season.  It shouldn't cost much, and you can even ask for a discount.  Future you will thank you.

Stock up on frozen foods.  It's national frozen foods month, so everything is heavily discounted.  I love frozen veggie burgers, and frozen vegetables are just as good as fresh, since they're flash frozen at the peak of freshness.  They last a few months so this is a great time create a stockpile and save yourself money for the next few months.

Eat ham.  I don't know, it's not my thing, but it is the cheapest month for it (preparation for Easter?) and since John eats it for lunch on occasion, it's a good time to buy.

Turn down your water heater.  The weather is changing and if it's getting slightly warmer where you are, it's a good time to turn down the water heater.  It's better for the environment and your skin, but will also save you between $6 and $20 a year, depending on how long you can live with it 20 degrees less than what's typical.  Need more info?  Check here.

Spend more time with the heat and air off.  The warming temperatures can help with your gas and electric bills in other ways too.  Just keep the heat and air conditioning turned off.  A few March days will even be 'windows open' weather!  Try dressing accordingly instead of turn the heat on on the few cool days left.

Spend more time with the lights off.  We're almost to the spring time change (next week), so we've got more daylight hours.  Open the blinds and curtains and enjoy it so you can keep the lights off as long as possible.

How are you planning on saving money this month?

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