Saturday, April 6, 2019

5 Top Tips for Your US Getaway

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If you’re planning on a trip to the United States, you might be struggling to settle on which state to visit first. Whether you’re planning a month-long road trip or just a short stay, you’ll want to make the most of the land of the free. With states that are the size of some European countries, you’ll want to do some planning beforehand to ensure a smooth trip while you’re there. 

Get travel insurance 
You may already know that the US does not have state healthcare, and so any accidents or illnesses will come with a price tag of some description. On top of this, as with any country you’re visiting, it’s a really good idea to keep yourself covered in the event of an emergency or losing any vital belongings. Here’s what you should seek to cover with your travel insurance:
  • Personal belongings
  • Medical and hospital expenses
  • Delays and failures
  • Accommodation cover
  • Passports travel documentation and money 
If you’re not sure about how long you’ll need it for or anything else that needs to be covered, it’s a good idea to contact your insurance provider.

Be Choosey 
When people think of ‘America,’ they picture the Grand Canyon and the Statue of Liberty as if they were in the same neck of the woods. America’s size means that it has so much to offer, which means you can afford to be picky about where you want to go. If you’d prefer your holidays to be culture-filled with good food, then consider New York, Washington DC or New Orleans. For example, visiting New Orleans during Mardi Gras season offers a whole host of culture, entertainment and celebrations, and by using a planner such as you can build your trip and plan accommodation. 

Rent a car 
If you’re based in somewhere like Chicago or New York, then you needn’t worry about renting a car, as public transport should keep you covered. However, the rest of the United States can be relatively inaccessible by walking alone. If you’re based out in the suburbs, or the country, then it will be well worth renting a car for the duration of the vacation. 

Leave some room in your hold luggage 
If you’re a foodie or a cosmetics hoarder, then it’s best not to fill your suitcase right up until breaking point. While in the United States you’ll find bags of candy, unique cosmetic brands and other preserved foods that are well worth taking home – especially in super-sized packaging. Swinging by a Sephora or a Target before you go home will leave you some presents for friends and family, and your own store of American treats before your return trip. 

Leave a tip 
While it may be optional to leave a tip in some countries, which makes it all the more convenient if you’re short on change, it is socially compulsory in the US. Not leaving a tip in restaurants or for cabs is seen as rude and as a poor reflection of the person or establishment. 15% is the common and most-recommended amount (of your final bill), but there are more comprehensive guides from American journalists on how this works. 

Once you’ve got the planning part out of the way, you can finally enjoy your trip to the US. Driving down mountain-lined highways, enjoying pizza that would rival any Italian deli and enjoying the super-sized approach to life are just some of the things you have yet to look forward to.

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